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What’s up everybody, and welcome to a very exciting day for PredictionStrike and the UFC! Tonight is UFC 269, and we have an exciting rendition of Insider Trading for you! We want to make sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming card, hence the email blast fight breakdown earlier this week, and the special UFC round table event on the Daily Dividends podcast (make sure to check both out).

If somehow you missed both, or need some last minute tips, I have you covered! I called upon a new friend of mine over at Roto Baller to give me a hand! My insider today, Brady Grove, knows more About the UFC in his pinky than I will ever know, and he has been gracious enough to spend some time sharing that knowledge with us today! Besides this edition of Insider Trading, you can find Brady as the host of the Roto Baller’s official UFC podcast called “Tap That,” which he records weekly. I had the luxury of guest hosting with Brady this week to talk about the upcoming card and UFC 269, so make sure to check that out before tonight’s card. Make sure to also follow him on Twitter, @rotobrady. Like I said, he knows more than I will ever know about the UFC, so he is worth the follow! If you don’t believe me, just read his incredible insight below! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Brady Grove!

Alex: Hey Brady! Thanks for helping out with this week’s Insider Trading article! As you are well aware, we have a MASSIVE card tonight at UFC 269, the last PayPerView event, and potentially the most anticipated card of 2021. Before we discuss the UFC in more general terms, let's focus on tonight. Our readers will hear about the title fighters ad nauseum later today, so if you can, give us a couple lesser known fighters we should be investing into tonight, and why you think they will be good investments.

Brady: There are so many fighters on this card worth investing in, but two fighters are jumping off the page to me. Those two fighters are Andre Muniz ($1.25/share) and Bruno Silva (+15%, $0.97/share). First, because of their stock prices. I think they have a comfortable distance between them and their opponents with solid chances to end via finish. Second, because I think these two fighters have severely slipped under the radar leading up to the card. Muniz in particular, faces an opponent in Eryk Anders ($1.00/share) who tends to come up empty in close matchups. Considering Muniz has been a buzz saw on his current winning streak, I know where I will be investing my money!

Alex: And as an added bonus, both Silva and Muniz are fighting in the early Prelims, so users can invest early, and potentially have house money to invest with during the Main Card!

We talked earlier this week on the Tap That Podcast about the momentous rise in stock price Suga Sean O’Malley (+67%, $2.46/share) has experienced over the past couple weeks. As I am typing this, O’Malley’s stock price has gone up over 100% since his IPO date, and that is before he enters the octagon later tonight. It is becoming clear to me that fan favorites, like an O’Malley stock, can skyrocket just off supply and demand. In your opinion, what fighter do you think can experience a Sean O’Malley type price increase in 2022?

Brady: I really see Paddy Pimblett (+19%, $1.28/share) making a strong upward climb leading into 2022. It took him a very short time in the UFC for a mass volume of MMA fans to start discussing his career trajectory. Given Paddy's age, I think the UFC will take their time in building his star, so I would expect the hype to be accompanied by a few devastating victories in 2022.

Alex: Not to mention Paddy isn’t afraid of a little controversy, and if fighters like Connor McGregor have taught us anything, it’s that being controversial and gaining notoriety go hand and hand in the UFC. I think you are right, and we will be hearing a lot about Paddy “The Baddy” in 2022.

OK, so now that we have a couple stocks to buy, let’s find some stocks to avoid. Specifically the current champions, who are you avoiding for 2022 and beyond, and why?

Brady: I would have to go with Glover Teixeira ($5.00/share), simply because he is currently the champion who is, in my opinion, most likely to lose the belt in the next fight or at least by the end of 2022. Glover's path to the belt was awesome and inspiring, but at his age, facing the slew of challengers on their way up at light heavyweight, his time at the top likely won't last long.

Alex: Alright, for all you long time Insider Trading fanatics, you already know the next question. Brady, if you could invest in one fighter, regardless of weight class, when they are fighting, who they are fighting, etc. who would it be, and why?

Brady: Man, this is hard because there are so many young fighters looking to make a splash in 2022 and beyond. There's a good number of European prospects like Paddy, Jack Shore ($0.85/share), and Ian Garry (-3%, $1.28/share), who have all made headlines since arriving in the UFC and have plenty of accompanying hype. Saying all that, my answer might come as a surprise, especially considering the results of recent events, But Brendan Allen (-46%, $0.61/share), as still such a young prospect at such a low price, could net huge dividends just by the end of 2022.

Brady has such a plethora of UFC knowledge, if you haven’t already figured that out, and it was such a pleasure to have him join me on this week's Insider Trading. Make sure to give the Tap That podcast a listen every week for insight on the upcoming UFC cards. Now, finish reading this article, and race over to PredictionStrike and invest now! The early prelims will start before you know it! If you need extra help picking fighters between bouts, make sure to follow @ChipsStocks, where I will be giving fight picks and reviews throughout the night. I hope you enjoy the fights, and we have a little extra money in our pockets before the night is over!

As always, have a great weekend, and... 

Happy trading,
Alex True


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