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Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to a very exciting Insider’s Trading article! If you read the Blue Chips article earlier in the week, then you already know this is UFC centric! Tonight is the first fight card of 2022, so you already know I’m excited. UFC has very quickly become my favorite way to invest in PredictionStrike, and the last month of no fights has taken a toll on my mental state… But all that changes tonight! We have a great card, and an even better insider to break it all down. I want to introduce the PredictionStrike Army to Andrew Gombas! Andrew is a lifelong combat sports fan, a professional MMA handicapper, and save the best for last, an active PredictionStrike investor! He knows the ins and outs of the UFC, and more specifically how to profit off them. Make sure to read to the end, and find out where to find all of Andrew’s work. We have a rather lengthy conversation for you guys today, so let's get right into it.

Alex: Hey Andrew! Thanks for helping out today! Before we jump into this week’s card, let's talk about you! What made you gravitate towards combat sports, and more specifically the gambling aspect behind it?

Andrew: Well, I wrestled for 17 years, which got me interested in MMA. Even in my teen years, I felt like I had a very good eye for predicting and analyzing fights. Fast forward a little bit, and now I make a living betting on MMA and am fortunate enough to be on multiple shows giving predictions and analysis with a betting focus.

Alex: So if the readers haven’t figured it out by now, Andrew is here with us today because UFC Fight Night is LIVE tonight from The Apex in Las Vegas! It has been almost a full month since the last event in 2021, and boy am I excited to have UFC back in my life! Lets jump right to the main event, where two highly ranked featherweights square off. When #5 ranked Calvin Katter (+.09%, $3.76) takes on #8 Giga Chikadze (+10%, $4.03) what should investors expect?

Andrew: Viewers of this fight should expect fireworks. Giga Chikadze is a very talented kickboxer and has been on a finishing streak of late. Calvin Kattar is a tough boxer from Boston. He is notoriously durable and will look to drag Giga into deep waters. At $4.03, Giga is certainly worth a look, considering the fact that if he wins this fight, he will likely be in line for a title shot. On the flipside, Calvin Kattar shares can be purchased for just $3.76. Considering the fact that Giga is a -225 betting favorite, it may be worthwhile investing in him, considering the fact that their investing prices are near the same.

Alex: Tonight’s card is full of exciting young talent that maybe your average fan might not be familiar with. I know I personally had to do a fair amount of googling! Can you share with our readers a couple fighters on tonight’s card who we should keep an eye on? Not just for tonight’s bout, but for the foreseeable future.

Andrew: Viacheslav Borschev ($1.19) is a very talented kickboxer and is 5–1 as a pro MMA fighter. He made some noise on the Contender’s Series with a beautiful 2nd round knockout. He needs to work on his grappling a bit, but this fighter has a high ceiling. You can invest in his stock for $1.16 per share. Another young fighter to look out for is Joanderson Brito ($1.01). Joanderson is on a 10 fight winning streak and is coming off of a big win on the Contender’s Series as well. He is a finisher and a very strong grappler. You can invest in Joanderson Brito stock for basically just $1.00.

Alex: Since you come from a handicapping background, I am curious to see what the appeal to PredictionStrike was for you, specifically for UFC. Do you see PredictionStrike as an alternative for MMA gamblers, or more-so a complement?

Andrew: I love the idea of PredictionStrike. When I first caught wind of it, I immediately reached out to the founders to see how I could get involved and help grow the product. I like it so much because it is literally like investing in a stock, but for athletes. I see PredictionStrike as something that compliments MMA betting very well. It is almost like long-term betting. If you can find inefficiencies between betting lines and stock prices, you will make money.

Alex: Follow up question, when you are handicapping a fight, what helps you determine if a fighter is worth an investment on PredictionStrike, and is it the same rationale when you are wagering?

Andrew: I personally prefer investing in fighters for the long haul. I don’t necessarily look to invest in a fighter before a fight and then sell their stock after a win. Something I do look for, is fighters with a low stock price that are priced as heavy favorites. For example, if a fighter is -300, that implies that there is a 75% chance they are going to win the fight. If a fighter is priced as a -300 favorite and their stock price is say only $1.50, that’s a no brainer. It is definitely a different rationale from wagering. When I bet, I am trying to get an edge on the implied odds. When I invest in fighters, it’s because I think they have high upside and will grow in value long-term.

Alex: If you could only invest in one fighter for the 2022 calendar year, who would it be and why?

Andrew: If I could only invest in one fighter in 2022, it would be Ilia Topuria (-.16% $1.38). He fights on the UFC 270 card next weekend vs Charles Jourdain (+.12%, $1.15) and is a complete stud. He is currently a -400 favorite in that fight, so it is the consensus perception that he is going to win that fight. Topuria is 3-0 in the UFC with 2 1st-round finishes and is only 24 years old. I believe he is being massively undervalued at $1.35 per share.

Alex: So Andrew, I want to share as much of your content as possible. Let me know of any podcasts, Youtube Channels, wagering sites, Twitter handles, etc. you want me to mention. I know the PredictionStrike Army will flock to your content throughout 2022.

Andrew: Every Wednesday at 5:30 PM EST, I do a show with Jonathan Coachman called “The Early Edge”. I do prediction and analysis with a betting focus for every UFC card. You can find one of my videos HERE.

On Thursday’s at 7 PM EST, I do a podcast breaking down every UFC card called “The Magic & Andrew MMA Betting Podcast”. My colleague and I give our thoughts on every fight on the card, from top to bottom, and you can find that HERE.

I also have a Patreon, where subscribers get notified of my bets right when I place them, so they can bet right after me and get the same number. You can find that HERE.

Last but not least, my twitter handle is @betsandpicksmma. Feel free to message me anytime!

Well there you have it folks! We are starting 2022 off on the right foot, I know that’s for certain. With Andrew’s help, we are going to bolster that portfolio tonight, and get us primed for the biggest and best year of UFC action in the history of the promotion. We are only getting started, and have another massive card next week with two title fights on UFC 270! That is where most of you will be introduced to Andrew’s buy and hold Ilia Topuria, and one of my favorite fighters, Raoni Barcelos (+3%, $1.08). But we can talk all about that next week! This week, let's focus on Fight Night, and NFL Wild Card weekend! If I were you, I would check out Andrew’s YouTube video at the very minimum. Tons of money making opportunities over the next 48 hours, so let's get after it, and make that money!

Happy Trading,

Alex True


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