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Good morning, PredictionStrike family, and welcome to yet another jam-packed sports weekend! We just went through the NBA trade deadline, and boy was it a doozy! In the BCPS article, we discussed Ben Simmons potentially being traded, and how the volume alone would be worth an investment. At the time of writing, Simmons stock price is up over 17%. We also discussed the Wizards at the deadline, but even they surprised me with the moves they made! Kristaps Porzingis ($1.75) was a shocking addition, but considering he will most likely be sidelined the majority, if not the remainder of the season, the Corey Kispert (-4.6%, $1.81) play is still in good hands. We also talked briefly about the NFL, and the Super Bowl kicking off tomorrow. I mentioned briefly in the BCPS that Kendall Blanton (+4%, $1.18) might be an interesting play due to the uncertainty of Tyler Higbee ($1.88). Well Tyler Higbee has been ruled out, and we are in for a full dose of Blanton tomorrow night! I am so excited for what should be an incredible Super Bowl, but today we have more pressing issues; UFC 271! Let’s make a ton of money tonight so that we have some money to buy all the Blanton we can get! And to help us with this week's UFC card is an article favorite, Andrew Gombas!

Alex: Before we touch on tonight's card, let me take you back a week to Vegas Fight Night. I think we all can agree that the Strickland (+16%, $3.99) v. Hermansson ($2.82) fight was somewhat of a stinker, but the rest of the card had some bangers. Was there anyone specific that caught your eye last week?

Andrew: I was extremely impressed with Jailton Almeida (+3.28%, $1.43). He cut through Danilo Marques (-17%, $0.72) like a hot knife through butter. He is now on a 10 fight winning streak and has finished all 10 of those wins by submission or knockout. People can currently invest in Jailton Almeida for $1.43 per share.

Alex: Ok, now let's fast forward to this week. UFC 271, LIVE! From Houston, Texas! Before we get to the big boys, let's talk about the prelims. Personally, I find the best money makers on PredictionStrike are on the prelims. You hit a couple correct in the prelims, and you are working with house money on the main card! Anyone on the prelims catching your attention?

Andrew: Keep an eye on Ronnie Lawrence ($1.19). He’s a bantamweight that weaponizes pressure and pace in his fights. People can invest in him for $1.19/share. He is a -300 betting favorite in this fight and I believe he will win this fight. Another bantamweight worth keeping an eye on is Kyler Phillips (+2%, $1.40). Kyler is a -400 favorite, so he is supposed to win this fight. At 26 years old, Kyler is a prospect to keep an eye on. He has the striking and he has the grappling. If he can put that all together, he is going to be a problem for years to come.

Alex: One of the biggest stock movers going into this week is women's FlyWeight Casey O'Neill (+16%, $2.03) who goes up against Roxanne Modafferi ($2.25). Tell me a little about Casey O'Neill, and why you think she is such a fan favorite tonight?

Andrew: I myself have a fair number of Casey O’Neill shares. Her stock is currently ~$2/share and she is 3-0 in her young UFC career. She is such a fan favorite tonight because people love betting against the old guard with the new guard. I actually believe people are underestimating Roxanne Modafferi in this spot and that the betting line should be much closer, but from a long-term investing perspective, Casey O’Neill is worth a look.

Alex: You know I have to ask… Who do you like in the main event tonight for the Middleweight championship of the world! Israel Adesanya (+4%, $5.69) or Robert Whittaker (+.19%, $4.77)? Are you planning on investing in either?

Andrew: This is a fantastic fight. I believe Israel Adesanya is going to win. If you are looking for a “safe” investment, Izzy is your guy. He has already wiped out the majority of the division and is now making his rounds a second time. I could see Adesanya reigning over the middleweights for years to come. I believe Whittaker is going to need to mix in the wrestling this time around, but it’s a tall task against a long guy like Adesanya.

Alex: Last but not least, as you know, a little sporting event called the Super Bowl is tomorrow night! Make your prediction!

Andrew: I really like the Rams in this spot and am betting them -4. I believe their front 7 will dominate the Bengals and force Burrow ($8.62) to make bad throws. They are an extremely well-rounded team and it’s just Stafford’s time. Fun fact: The Rams were actually my pre-season Super Bowl prediction, so I’d love to be able to pat myself on the back for that one. Don’t sleep on my Jets for the 2023 Super Bowl, though!

Andrew crushed it once again, and I for one feel more confident in tonight's card after reading his fantastic answers. Whether you need help with some UFC wagers, or want an edge on PredictionStrike, Andrew is your guy. Remember to follow him on Twitter, @betsandpicksmma. There you can find all his links to his articles, podcasts, youtube content and more. You can also find me on Twitter @ChipsStocks. Feel free to DM me if you have any investment questions, and I can hopefully be of assistance. Enjoy the fights tonight, there should be some fireworks, especially in the Lewis v. Tuivasa fight! If we are lucky, we will get another shoey! And if you need some last minute help with Super Bowl stock picks, make sure to check out the Daily Dividends Super Bowl extravaganza! Enjoy the weekend, and we will see you again next week!

Happy trading,

Alex True


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