PredictionStrike's Blue Chips & Penny Stocks: Renato Moicano & Maryna Moroz!

Its that time of the month everyone! Welcome to another UFC PayPerView event on PredictionStrike! Tonight we are graced with a very unique card for UFC 272 between bitter enemies Colby Covington (+4%, $4.32) and Jorge Masvidal (+1%, $3.58). The UFC community might have been spoiled with the past couple pay per view events with a plethora of championship fights, including the most recent PPV where we had Israel Adesanya (-.25%, $6.21) take down Bobby Knuckles, Robert Whittaker ($3.98). And if you can remember even farther back, 270, 269, 268, 287, and 266 were all double championship main events. Tonight on the other hand… We have zero title fights. That is what happens when the two fighters facing off in the octagon hate each other so much, you don’t need a belt to make it worth watching. Now, you may have heard, Colby and Jorge don’t like each other very much. I could sit here and type out all the reasons, but you either are a big UFC fan and already know, or are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for picks, so I’ll save my energy. If you plan on watching any of the broadcast starting with the prelims tonight at 6:00 PM EST, you will hear your fair share of Colby/Jorge stories, so watch the promos ESPN has ready, and get hyped for the big fight tonight. Until then, let me run you through some fights I personally have highlighted.

Renato Moicano (+7%, $1.35/share)

What a week it has been for Renato Moicano! If you follow the day-to-day news in the UFC world, you know Renato Moicano was not supposed to be fighting on UFC 272. In fact, he was in Brazil as recent as Wednesday! A 19 hour flight, and a quick weight-cut later, Moicano will be entering the octagon against MMA legend Rafael Dos Anjos ($3.02) in a five round co-main event. RDA was originally supposed to fight Rafael Faziev (-11%, $2.34) in a Fight Night main event a couple weeks ago, but due to visa issues, the fight was delayed until tonight. Unfortunately, Faziev contracted Covid in transit last week, and was bed ridden as recently as Monday afternoon. This fight was doomed from the jump, but the RDA sweepstakes was in full force once Faziev announced he was out of the fight. Everyone and their brother was throwing their hats in the ring, including last weeks main event star Islam Makhachev (+2%, $5.25), which is the fight I personally wanted to see. Turns out Islam might have been bluffing, and RDA called him on it. Dana caught onto the antics, and might be punishing him for it down the road, but that is another rant for another time.

Instead, up and comer Renato Moicano will be taking this fight on short notice. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we saw him less than a month ago taking a second round submission win over Alexander Hernandez (-.4%, $0.77) at UFC 271. Now, the critics will say Moicano was gassed after the first round, but they don't know what they're talking about. Moicano, in my opinion, noticed he exerted a lot of energy on the two takedowns earlier in round one, and was simply recovering towards the end of the round, knowing he won the round handsomely. If he was so tired, why did he sub his opponent later in the second round? It makes no sense to me. He comes now to fight one of the most established fighters in RDA. RDA has fought the who’s who of UFC fighters in the lightweight and welterweight divisions, but inactivity might be an issue. RDA hasn't fought since November of 2020 against Paul Felder in his retirement fight. Before that, he took two losses to Michael Chiesa ($2.10) and Leon Edwards ($4.26). In fact, RDA is 2-4 in his last six fights. Now, please don’t look at that record and thing he's some kind of bum, because he is anything but. Those losses are against some of the best UFC fighters, including Kamaru Usman ($6.16), the current #1 pound for pound fighter in the world. He is going to go down in history as a legend in the sport, but this might be a changing of the guard type of scenario. Personally, I thought Rafeal Fiziev was going to walk through him on his way to contention, and Moicano might do the same thing. Moicano is on the up and up, and RDA might be edging his way out of contention. This fight is pivotal for both career paths.

If we look at the current betting odds at the time of writing, RDA is a slight favorite at -160 at DraftKings, and rightfully so. Moicano is still under the eightball with less than a week's notice, and a long ass flight to Vegas at the last minute, but we aren’t betting are we? We are investing in PredictionStrike. UFC on PredictionStrike is all dependent on the price of the fighters, and the outcome of the fight. This is a fantastic example of risk management. There are scenarios in UFC that greatly benefit the investor if they are willing to risk investing on the underdog. This is one of those situations. Remember a couple weeks ago, Tai Tuivasa (-.34%, $2.36) elbowed Derrick Lewis’ (-.2%, $3.10) head into the third row? Tai was an underdog, but more importantly, their prices on PredictionStrike were wildly uneven. Once you did some deducing, you realized that with a loss, Tai would go down roughly 7-10% with a loss, but up over 60% with a win. As an investor, you had to decide if the small percentage loss was worth the risk to gain a massive return. If you bought Tuivasa and risked the biscuit, you made BANK! We are in the same situation this weekend with RDA and Moicano. If RDA wins, which the odds are saying he should, his stock price will rise 8-10%, and conversely, Moicano will go down the same amount. Now, if Moicano can walk away with the W, like I think he will, his stock price will go up 45-50%. I already think Moicano will win the fight, so that risk/reward analysis is easy for me. Are you willing to risk 8% for a chance at 50%? If you are, make sure to screenshot your stock buys, and tweet me at @ChipsStocks, and I will shout you out! Good luck!

Maryna Moroz ($0.80/share)

Maryna is another dog with plenty of risk/reward. If you like the idea of investing in Moicano for the high reward, low risk, Moroz is your gal. At roughly 30% gain with a win, and a 13% hit with a loss, Maryna is a bit more of a risk, but a nice juicy reward if you have the stomach for it. But let's ignore the odds and the price increases for now. Let's talk about the actual fight. If you know anything about the main event, you know the hatred all boils down to a spat at American Top Team. If you like that storyline, then you will love the Maryna Moroz vs. Mariya Agapova ($1.20) fights at women's flyweight. The feud between Masvidal and Covington is one for the record books, but these two women are a close runner up. Similar to the main event fighters, these two were training partners at the famed Coconut Creek American Top Team training facility in Florida. Everything was going smoothly until one day it wasn’t. Now, these are all accusations, so don’t take this as gospel, but Maryna Moroz claims that Agapova was a junkie with a serious drug problem and had a terrible problem with jealousy with the other women at ATT. She also was, again allegedly, known to booze DURING the training sessions. Nothing tastes better in between five minute rounds than a swig of warm vodka I guess… All these allegations must have had some legs, because ATT kicked her butt out of the gym.

Now, I am not saying Moroz will have a cake walk because her opponent is a boozehound, but it is important to know these two have a lot of history between them. It goes even deeper than what I talked about, so feel free to do a little googling of your own if you're interested. The reason I brought it up in the first place is because this fight will be chock full of emotion. These two women are going to want to break bones, and knock each other out. This precisely is why I want to go against Mariya Agapova. Agapove is known to be a very emotional fighter. When she is calm, cool, and collected, Agapova is a world beater. When she is emotional, she becomes reckless and loses fights. Think back to the fight in 2020 against Shana Dobson ($0.85). Agapova was slated to walk into the cage and absolutely demolish Dobson, and her attitude and swagger showed it. Agapova cleared at a massive -1200 favorite, which is absolutely absurd. She ended up losing that fight because she was not calm, cool, and collected. She wanted to put on a show, and it kicked her in the ass. I think she will have the same attitude towards Maryna. If her mission is to “destroy Maryna,” she is going to slip up and Moroz will take advantage of the opportunity.

Not to be judgemental, but I want to put my money on the woman that ATT didn’t kicked out of the gym. I want to invest in the woman that has been training consistently at one stellar gym, instead of bouncing around to whoever will take her. I do believe Agapova is a better fighter all in against Muroz, but the situation lends me to pick Muroz, especially with the risk/reward we spoke about earlier. Last, and most certainly not least, there is one more factor that Maryna has in her advantage. Without a doubt, she will be the fan favorite at T-Mobile Arena Saturday night. She will have the support of everyone in that building, and they will all be cheering her on. Why you may ask? Maryna Moroz is Ukrainian, and she will be walking out with her national flag draped across her back. Every single person without money on Agapova will be supporting Muroz, which is yet another reason why I think she has the upper hand. She has a little extra to fight for tonight, and the crowd will be behind her 100%. Agapova, who remembers fights with emotion, will feel slighted, and want to win the crowd on her side. This will cost her dearly, and quite possibly cost her the fight.

Two fighters for tonight with a full breakdown, but remember to check the Twitter @ChipsStocks later for my full card predictions! I am on a heater, so make sure to check it out! I will be in the PredictionStrike Discord for most of the fights, so feel free to swing by and talk UFC, or hit me up in the Twitter DMs to talk shop. I look forward to an awesome night of fights, so lets go out and make some money together!

P.S. - The best way to make real money with UFC is to get in on fighters early, and hold!. One fighter I am incredibly high on and fights next weekend is Song Yadong (+10%, $1.84) out of Team AlphaMale. If you listen to Urijah Faber ($1.50) talk, he beams with excitement whenever he brings up Song’s name. He is a heavy favorite, and is priced cheaper than his opponent. If I were you, I would take some winnings from tonight's card and move them to Yadong Song’s stock with the quickness…


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