PredictionStrike's Blue Chips & Penny Stocks: UFC, Tom Brady, & March Madness!

What’s up PredictionStrike family, and welcome to another rendition of Blue Chips and Penny Stocks!

What a week it was with the Players Championship taking place in rainy Florida, Conference Championships all across the country, NFL free agency frenzy in full swing, NBA playoffs right around the corner, and BASEBALL coming BACK! If you haven’t heard, the MLB and all the participating athletes, will be offered on PredictionStrike for the 2022 season! More on that exciting topic at another time. For now, let's focus on what's happening in and around the current sporting world. For today’s rendition of Blue Chips and Penny Stocks, I want to take a deep dive into market movement in response to news.

Back when I first got into PredictionStrike, I tried to absorb as many podcasts, articles, interviews, etc. about the company as I could. If Deven Hurt, CEO & Co-Founder was a guest on a podcast, I would listen. If Brad Chabra, Co-Founder & COO was featured in an article, it became appointment reading material. I wanted to learn all about the company, and the ins and outs of what they wanted to build. There was something Brad said numerous times that has really resonated with me over the past couple years. I am paraphrasing, but his goal was to have PredictionStrike be the first thing you check in the morning, and check how your personal investments did after the games the night before. He said he hopes that one day, when a user hears something, or reads breaking news on Twitter, the first inclination would be, “How does this affect my portfolio?” This is how I have always looked at my actual stock portfolio, and it has worked wonders for me in my PredictionStrike portfolio. In today's article, I want to go over a couple examples where sports, and even global news, can alter your portfolio. I hope you enjoy, and maybe even get something out of this! Feel free to share with me on Twitter incidents that breaking news affected your portfolio. Find me @ChipsStocks on Twitter, or in the Discord, which we all should know about by now!

War. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing! Unless of course you have shares in Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, Chevron, if you love defense spending bills, or if your name is Dick Cheney. In that case war is good for a lot. Now, this goes to my earlier point about following the news, and how it affects the stock market. When Russia invaded Ukraine, economists put on their macroeconomics hats, and got to work. Did you know Russia is Coca Cola’s number one market outside of the United States? What happens when imports are shut off? 7% losses in early trading the day after invasion. Do you know who grows basically all the wheat for Europe? Russia does. What happens when the EU halts all exports into European countries? Global wheat commodities skyrocket, and the cost of a baguette in France goes up. And don’t get me started on gas prices…

The question you now have is, why in the world is Alex talking about Russia and Ukraine in a PredictionStrike article? How does the war in Ukraine affect my portfolio? The sad reality is that sports and global news are interchangeable. Sports are supposed to be a break from reality, and a time where we can forget about our issues. Very rarely does that actually happen. Danlil Medvedev, the current number one tennis player in the world faces a ban from Wimbledon unless he publicly denounces Putin, potentially putting his family back home at risk. In F1 racing, Russian driver Nakita Mazepin was removed from the Haas racing team, and has since been sanctioned by the EU. Chelsea FC is owned by Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich, who has been sanctioned by the British Government, freezing all his assets, including the team. Earlier this week the team store was closed, and all websites were pulled offline. You could not buy tickets, and the team couldn’t pay the players or staff. It is an issue that will soon resolve itself, but it shows how intertwined sports and real life are to one another.  And now we come full circle and get to a sport that has literal financial implications for your PredictionStrike portfolio, the UFC.

UFC is making its triumphant return to the UK this weekend with a star-studded card set to fight in front of a raucous O2 Arena. The main event is England’s very own, Tom Aspinall, against formidable opponent Alexander Volkov. If you couldn’t tell by the last name, Alexander Volkov is very, very Russian. Normally this isn’t an issue, but this fight is happening in the UK. In the early days of the invasion, the British Parliament announced, “the UK will not welcome the national sports teams of those countries who are complicit in Putin’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine.” It went as far as turning the Belarussian Men's basketball team around at the border when they arrived for an exhibition match. It was unclear whether or not UFC fighters would be subject to this decision. In fact, Volkov and his team did not know the answer until they cleared Russian customs mere days ago. Luckily for us, Volkov, and all the other Russian fighters, (four in total on this card,) are safely in London, and they will fight as scheduled! Volkov and his team were pleased to get into the country, but said it was far more difficult than normal. Volkov said it would usually take him four hours to get to London, but this trip took over 25 hours! That’s as if he flew to Vegas and back, just to get to London! I couldn't even imagine… But he is good to go for the fight this coming Saturday, and I can’t wait for Tom Aspinall to kick his ass, and send him back on that day long flight to Russia!

Volkov and the Russian fighters' struggle to get into the country has been one of the main storylines going into this weekend, but there is one fighter in particular that is not going to get enough attention. Liudvik Sholinian. The reason he is not going to garner that much attention is because he is no longer fighting on this card. Sholinian was originally scheduled to fight Nathanial Wood at UFC London on Saturday night but he decided to withdraw from their bout to join Ukraine in fighting against Russia. Sholinian lives in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. I can’t even begin to imagine that sacrifice, and we should all acknowledge what Sholinian is doing for his country, and more importantly, his fellow Ukrainans. Now the savvy investor in me is of course touched by this story, but the real question is how do we profit off this news? Well Nathanial Wood is indeed fighting Saturday night, and will be taking on Vince Morales. Morales is coming into this fight on very short notice, and to put it nicely, is not on Wood’s level. The UFC wanted to make sure the English fighter could make his return to the octagon in front of his hometown crowd, and gave him an opponent he should be able to handle with ease. I am expecting Wood to make quick work of Morales, especially with him coming on short notice.

UPDATE: Literally, as I was finalizing the article, news broke that Vince Morales withdrew from the fight due to undisclosed health issues. The UFC is currently scrambling to find someone to replace Morales so Wood can stay on the London card. I elected to leave the entire portion as is, to hopefully demonstrate how news breaking can affect the portfolio. I plan on holding my Wood shares, knowing the UFC will find a willing fighter to jump in on extremely short notice, and the win is all but certain for Wood at this point. Remember folks, always keep your eye on the news!

The Nine Lives of Tom Brady

Well folks, he’s back! Forty days of retirement was enough for the GOAT to get bored and head back to the field. I saw someone make a joke that Tom gave up football for Lent. That’s gold.

Anyway, Brady making his announcement that he is not retiring is huge news for the NFL, and potentially for our upcoming NFL portfolios. Now I get it, most of you will have this info go in one ear, and out the other. Football is still months away, and our money will be better served in different sports like UFC, basketball, or baseball right around the corner. But it's important to keep all these free agency moves in mind. Tom Brady making one tweet announcing his retirement will literally alter the structure of our portfolio for all next season. If Blane Gabbert, or even Jimmy Garoppolo was the starting QB next season, would you bother investing in any of the Buccaneers? Now that you know it’s Tom behind center, we can consider the Bucs one of the best offenses in the NFC, and immediately worth an investment. Gronk, Evans, and Godwin. Do you think the Bucs would have given Godwin that contract if they didn’t think they would have another run with Brady? And let's not forget about the GOAT himself. Brady started the season last fall with a stock price of $14.40, and finished at an impressive price of $16.63. What is even more impressive is the fact he reached his peak halfway through the season before regrettably coming back down to earth. By Halloween, Brady’s share was up to $21.76. His decision not to retire gives us another year of potentially monumental gains.

The focus of this section has been on Tom Brady and his decision, but the news that breaks throughout the offseason will dictate major ramifications for next season's stock prices. Some notable examples. Russell Wilson was traded from the Seahawks to the Broncos during the offseason. Swap the Broncos carousel of QBs with a steady Russell Wilson, and Jerry Jeudy’s stock immediately skyrockets. Another wide receiver with notable progression will be Terry McLaurin. Say what you will about Carson Wentz, but when it comes to running a professional football offense, Wentz is a massive improvement over noodle arm Taylor Heinicke. We haven’t even discussed Deshaun Watson yet, and that might be the biggest news of the offseason. At the time of writing, Watson has yet to be traded, but the front runners for potential landing spots are, but not limited to, the Browns, the Saints, the Falcons, and the Panthers. Watson could legitimately make any team an instant contender, and immediately elevate the stock of any wide receiving core he joins. Follow this one closely, because it could pay dividends if you time your buy order right!


THIS IS SPARTA! Sorry, I couldn't help myself… March Madness is here with the first round of games tipping off in mere hours, maybe minutes depending on when you are reading this! One of the best weekends for sports with nonstop collegiate action, and endless possibilities for Cinderellas, buzzer beaters, blow outs, upsets, and the chance for these young men to write their name in college basketball history books. Every year we are introduced to the next crop of NBA icons. Remember Buddy Hield at Oklahoma? JJ Reddick at Duke, or Kemba Walker at UConn? How about Steph Curry making a name for himself at Davidson, or Tyler Hansbrough at UNC? If you are like me, the tournament is where I get my first impressions of the upcoming draft class, and basically make all my assumptions about them in the couple games I watch them play. Is that the right way to scout talent? Probably not, but it is what it is! This section, we aren’t going to break down any news per se, but more generally the possible names that might become household over the next couple weeks. We will do a much deeper dive when it’s NBA draft time, but let's make our first introductions.

Chet Holmgren, Gonzaga Bulldogs

If you don’t know the name yet, get ready. Gonzaga is poised to make a deep tournament run, and Chet will be a major reason. Chet is a true freshman, standing at an impressive 7’ 1”, and even more impressive 7’ 6” inch wingspan. Good luck driving to the basket on that guy. In true modern basketball form, Chet can stroke it from downtown, making his 3’s at a 41% clip. Get ready for a double-double machine come tournament time, and for whatever team he lands on next season.

Kofi Cockburn, Illinois Fighting Illini

Another big boy, standing at 7 feet. Kofi is a junior hailing from Kingston, Jamaica. He is a force to be reckoned with on defense, similar to Chet, but doesn’t have the 3 PT shooting abilities. He is your typical centermen with billowing size, but precision paint movement. Be ready to watch a pro-style pick and roll offense during the tournament, and give or take a million dunks on their unfortunate first round opponent, Chattanooga. Kofi elected to skip last year's draft to come back and cement his high draft pick in the 2022 draft. I think his plan succeeded, and depending on how big of a show he puts on this weekend, we might be seeing a top three pick.

Keegan Murray, Iowa Hawkeyes

Remember how everyone was enamored with Zion Williamson before he got fat and became irrelevant? Every time he touched the court, it was must-see TV, and ESPN would gush with excitement. Keegan Murray is not getting that treatment… yet. Murray, although relatively unknown at the moment, has been the best basketball player in the country the past couple months. Murray’s possession usage metrics are almost identical to Zion’s, and to top it all off, his offensive metrics are BETTER than Zion’s at this point during his season with Duke. Zion was already a household name by this point, but Keegan has some work to do. If he puts together a NCAA tournament performance like his Big Ten tournament masterpiece, he will be a name not soon forgotten.

Ochai Agbaji, Kansas Jayhawks

I have to include at least one guard in the breakdown, and who better than Agbaji. Ochai is a four year player for Kansas, which basically makes him a grown man in the eyes of some of the freshmen and sophomores around him. With age comes maturity, and he has a ton of it. Of course he can pass the ball, and score with ease, but it's his maturity and leadership that make Ochai a standout. Kansas has the “easiest” route to the finals of any of the number one seeds, so we should see a very long tournament from him. I am getting Kemba Walker vibes from Ochai, and if he performs like Kemba did for UConn, he will be taken off the board early in the upcoming draft. If Kansas and Iowa both advance to the sweet sixteen, we will see a Keegan Murray vs. Ochai Agbaji showdown for the ages. I can’t wait!

I will limit myself to just four players, or we could talk for hours! We didn’t even mention Collin Gillespie, Drew Timme, Jaden Ivey, Jabari Smith, or Paolo Banchero! We will know all those names and so many more when it comes to draft time! Enjoy the tournament!

Ok guys, I am finally done ranting. This is by far my longest BCPS article, and I genuinely hope you enjoyed it. Enjoy the UFC event, March Madness, and all the free agency hoopla in the MLB and NFL. I will be back Saturday morning with a UFC BCPS to get us excited for the London card. Remember, it starts super early, like noon eastern, so grab your coffee, read the article, and let's make some money!

Happy trading,
Alex True


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