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Hey everyone! It’s David Rooney, your friendly NBA fanatic and PredictionStrike expert investor here with some more opportunities to make money investing in your favorite athletes through PredictionStrike.

Let’s check in on my callouts from last week and see how we did! After some up and down movement the past few days, Joel Embiid (-0.69%) has settled in back at $13.96, while Luka Doncic (-10.89%) is down to $18.37. Not the week we hoped for, but as I mentioned last week with Luka, those were more long-term plays.  With that, let’s get into some trades I’m looking at this week!

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Swing Trade

With Stephen Curry (-0.25%, $20.95) likely being out for close to a month due to a shoulder injury, Moses Moody (-0.59%, $1.64) should be in line to see an increase in minutes. SportsData.IO has had trouble in the past with quickly adjusting to a player who has had a change in status, whether due to a trade to a new team or an internal promotion due to injury or other factors. Moody is likely going to have an opportunity to show what he can do with extended minutes and will likely be tasked with both scoring and playmaking duties in Curry’s absence.

Klay Thompson (-9.23%, $3.46) is currently listed as day to day, but as long as Thompson is in the lineup, you can expect him to also take on a lot of Curry’s duties, particularly scoring. Thompson is arguably just as gifted a shooter as Curry is, and the team will need him to step up in a big way. His efficiency may take a slight dip given that dribbling is not typically a big part of his game, but the team will gladly live with that if it helps them weather the storm during Curry’s time in street clothes. Thompson can score the ball at will, and throughout the next month we’ll get to see what he looks like as a team’s number one scoring option. I’m excited to see that and wouldn’t bet against him.

I am planning on investing in both Moody and Thompson for the next month or so until Steph returns, and then I will reevaluate at that time. Most likely, I’ll close out my position in Moody given that he’ll lose a lot of his playing time once Steph returns. If Klay has been doing well, I might hold a while longer, or perhaps I’ll close out most of my position to secure the guaranteed profits, while leaving a small position open to collect any additional profits from Klay throughout the rest of the season.


Buy and Hold

According to the latest NBA injury report,
Anthony Davis (-13.21%, $20.25) is likely going to be out for at least a month. LeBron James (+4.85%, $19.73) has been having another incredible season, and now is the perfect time to invest in King James. LeBron is right around his career averages for points, rebounds and assists, and he is still capable of putting up masterful performances that fill the stat sheet. James has put up five 30+ point performances in the past two weeks, including a 33-9-9 game and a 31-6-11 game.

Despite his age, LeBron James is not going anywhere anytime soon. He’s a player worth investing in for the rest of the season due to his consistency and his proven ability to put up massive fantasy numbers. If you’re going to invest in James, now is the perfect time with Davis sidelined. I already have shares, and I will be adding to my position in the coming days.    


Thanks, everyone, for joining us! I'm super excited to bring you more NBA commentary every week. Have ideas as to what else you'd like to see from this newsletter? Let me know!

Happy trading,



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