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What is up everyone, and welcome to 2023! It’s been a minute since we did a Blue Chips Beat Report, so what better time than day one of the NFL Wild Card weekend. Today we have a very special guest if you are familiar with the upper echelons of Fantasy Football. Have you ever heard of The Scott Fish Bowl? Well, today we have the winner of this year's award, the 2022 champion, Cody Armstrong! If you, or someone you know played in this year's event, he is the guy that kicked your butt. If you are in the Prediction Strike Discord, you know him better as Guy. His profile picture is a bag of money, which is very fitting for someone with as much Prediction Strike experience as him. I want him to join today, so he can share his experiences with SFB, and how he can help users profit on PS. But before that...


Get a free share for every $25 in deposits, up to $5k.

Celebrate the long weekend, the start of the NFL playoffs, and the return of fight night with us. Now through Monday night!

And finally, without further ado, I introduce you all officially to Cody Armstrong!

Alex: Winning the Scott Fish Bowl is a massive accomplishment, so let start by giving you a round of applause from everyone in the Prediction Strike family! I had a chance to see your roster, and my lord, no wonder you won! What a team! If you can, share some of your team MVPs, and did you invest in them on Prediction Strike?

Cody: I appreciate it! I’ve followed the SFB for years but this was my first time competing in it so I’m still coming down from the high of actually pulling out the win. SFB is known for its unique scoring system especially when it comes to Kickers and QBs (details here) so the guys that carried me every week were absolutely Mahomes, Ekeler, and Jacobs. Special shout out to Goff as well though, I’d guess he probably gave me the most value from where I drafted him. I tend to swing trades with the NFL so while I didn’t have these guys in my PS portfolio for long, I did have them all at some point.

Alex: Start of 2023, so let’s take a step back and review 2022. What was your best, or most memorable investment in 2022, and why?

Cody: You know, sitting back and actually thinking about the athletes I invested into in 2022, I’m really struggling to narrow it down to just 1! I’m going to have to give you my top 3 and hope you forgive me

  • Shane McClanahan & Aaron Judge - 400% return together with all of the credit going to the PredictionStrike Discord as I know next to nothing about baseball
  • Tai Tuivasa - 80% return after he KO’d Derrick Lewis and gave us the infamous Shoe-y celebration

Alex: So the regular season is over in the NFL, and we turn our attention to the playoffs. We have both been using Prediction Strike for a couple seasons now. Personally, my investment strategy changes once we get to the playoffs. How about yourself? Anything change for playoffs, and do you have any tips and tricks for new investors?

Cody: My strategy definitely changes during NFL playoffs. I know most are aware, but just in case someone isn't, 1 of the 2 ways we make money on PS is when projections are beaten, and the athletes have to play a game in order to do so. Since the pool of players is much more limited in Playoffs and it’s 1 and done for all the teams that lose, I try to find athletes on teams that I believe will make it deep into the bracket. I feel like the NFL can be unpredictable at times so I tend to try to diversify and find 1-2 players on each of the 4 teams I think will make Conference Championships.

Since the 2nd way we make money is through volume movement of shares, another strategy I try to do is find athletes with whom I can insulate my investment. This just means targeting those athletes that are sub-$2 and getting in early so that other Investors are able to buy more share volume and allow me to make money even if one of the players into which I’ve invested, shits the bed. If you’re buying MVS at .30 a share and he gets to $1 before he even plays his first playoff game, you’ve got plenty of wiggle room even if he doesn’t hit his projection. Just beware of the selloff afterwards.

I’ll be dropping a more comprehensive list of some potential investments into the PS Discord before the slate of games starts tomorrow.

Alex: We know you are well versed in NFL investing, but are there any other sports you are excited about? Have you tried your hand in soccer yet?

Cody: While the NFL is definitely my favorite sport and the one I’m most knowledgeable about, I have found myself far more profitable investing into NBA and UFC on PredictionStrike due to the nature of the NFL and any team being capable of beating another on any given Sunday.

I’ve tried my hand at MLB and Soccer as well, but without knowing much about the sports/athletes myself, have found it much harder to make money. Again, shout out to the PS Discord for tons of investment suggestions; while other sports may be a bit harder, they’re absolutely proving to be worth it!

Alex: My favorite question to ask….  if there is only one athlete you can invest in for 2023, who would it be and why? It can be any sport.

Cody: Without even knowing who it is, I’m going to say the 1st pick of the NBA draft would be my choice. While there’s also a ton of data that points to the 1st pick being a crucial part of their team's success, Anthony Edwards, Cade Cunningham, and now Paolo Banchero has now made me enough money on PS to keep this investment trend going into 2023 with 0 doubts about it.

Alex: Why don’t you let the people know where they can find you, and that award winning knowledge you possess! Any content or socials you want to promote add below!

Cody: Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @codyarmstrong_1

While I find a new home for all of my content, any Fantasy Football and PredictionStrike content will be posted there for now. Also, feel free to ask me questions on Discord, you can @Guy and hit me up.

Alright everyone! The first Beat Report is in the books for 2023! Having the winner of the Scott Fish Bowl just a week after his victory is a great way to start the year, and I look forward to having top notch content all year long! And more importantly, content that will make you that money! Remember to follow Cody on Twitter, and make sure you join the Discord! Money moves are made constantly, and you’ll not want to miss out! We will see you next week for UFC 283!


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