Expert NFL Stock Analysis on NFL PLAYOFFS!

The final four is here, and the last day of the season where we're greeted with two excellent matchups.

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San Francisco 49'ers @ Philadelphia Eagles

This figures to be one of the more interesting matchups as Brock Purdy ($2.36, -8%) is coming off of one of his worst games as a pro last week against the Dallas Cowboys. Christian McCaffrey ($18.11, -7%) figures to be the focus of the matchup but as we saw last week Elijah Mitchell ($1.83, -9%) will also be involved out of the backfield.

San Francisco is going to have to establish the run against this stacked Philadelphia team as they have playmakers on offense and defense. I think the run game is where San Francisco is going to have to dominate today, and if they can control the line and establish the run I think they can pull off the win in Philadelphia. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we saw Deebo Samuel ($3.27, -7%) getting snaps out of the backfield as well.

As for Philadelphia, they're going to be tasked with just keeping the ball rolling. Aside from Jalen Hurts' lackluster Week 18 performance, this team has been on a roll and the train hasn't stopped all season. Unlike Josh Allen ($25.27, -7%) and the Bills, the Eagles haven't let up. AJ Brown ($2.34, -16%) has been a fantastic addition and deserves every penny of the contract extension. On the opposite side Devonta Smith ($4.92, 7%) has lived up to the hype coming out of Alabama if you didn't believe the BMI noise.

Regardless of the outcome of this game, one thing is abundantly clear. Both of these teams are well-positioned for long-term success over the next 3-5 years. Brock Purdy is set to account for roughly 800K of cap space over the life of his rookie agreement. This will likely allow San Francisco to retain McCaffrey and several other key pieces on this team. The Eagles on the other hand will enter the off-season with a top-10 pick from the Saints and wherever their first-round pick winds up as well. Both teams have bright futures and could easily be back here for the next couple of years.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs

The game of the week to everyone comes down to the newly championed rivalry of Joe Burrow ($11.49, 1%) Vs. Patrick Mahomes ($20.97, -7%). While the media forgets Mahomes is 2-2 against Josh Allen and 0-3 against Joe Burrow. Needless to say, I still think this is a 3 legged race against each other and Allen is 13 seconds away from being 3-1 against Mahomes.

Back to the matter at hand. This game will be an interesting one that I think might seal the fate of whether or not the Chiefs will regret trading away Tyreek Hill ($10.72). The Chiefs have done well this season despite missing Hill while also force-feeding the ball to Travis Kelce ($10.19, 18%). The Bengals will look to get after Mahomes with his ankle and if they can contain Kelce and get after Mahomes that will put pressure on Juju Smith-Schuster ($1.24, -17%) to create plays along with Mecole Hardman ($1.02).

Of course, there is also the running game for Kansas City. As I've said all season the running game is going to be a big part of this team and this will be the game we will need to see if Kansas City can run the ball when they need to. Jerrick Mckinnon ($4.44, -19%) has been fantastic through the air this season and now the Chiefs need to see if Isiah Pacheco ($3.64, 6%) can answer the call and get the Lamar Hunt trophy back in Kansas City.

The Bengals are hoping to pick up where last season left off in terms of the AFC championship. Many in the media, myself included, presumed last season was a fluke. Burrow wasn't lying when he said this was the standard for the Bengals.

If Cincinnati is going to punch its ticket back to the Superbowl they will have to get Ja'marr Chase ($10.60, -6%) involved again. He has been a difference-maker over the last 3 matchups and figures to have a prominent role again. The Chiefs need to find a way to contain him or the Bengals are going to make the Chiefs enter catchup mode with a quarterback on a bad ankle.

Outside of Chase, they will once again rely upon Joe Mixon ($11.66, 2%) and Samaje Perine ($0.80, 14%) out of the backfield as well. I don't think this will be a focal point for the Bengals though, I think they want the Chiefs to try and keep pace against their fast offense. If the Bengals can have success in the passing game I don't think Kansas City can keep up. Ultimately, I think we leave Sunday with a Cincinnati San Francisco Superbowl.


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