QB Carousel 2023

With the Super Bowl being less than a week away, so are the off-season storylines for the season. As has been the case over the last couple of years we should be ready for the ever-changing quarterback carousel. Several names will be on the move, but we should go through some of the more relevant quarterbacks and some others who could be on the move.

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Derek Carr ($2.59) has been speculated to be on the block for quite some time now since his benching in Vegas. One of the main reasons behind these rumors is the poor performance of the Raiders in recent seasons. Despite Carr's impressive individual statistics, the team has struggled to win games and make a deep playoff run. Carr has had decent seasons, but it was rather odd that the same team that made the playoffs a year ago, fell short of expectations with the additions of Chandler Jones and Davante Adams ($11.77).

Carr is more than guaranteed to be playing elsewhere in 2023. The hard part is figuring out where. My money at the moment is that he is going to end up in either Washington with Terry McLaurin ($1.16) or with the Jets and their loaded receiving core. I think in either scenario he ends up being a disappointment for 2023. I do not think he is a difference-maker, and anyone relying upon him to take his team to the promised land will be disappointed. I would not elevate any pass catcher or running back due to the arrival of Carr this off-season. That includes Garrett Wilson ($6.43) and Elijah Moore ($3.21) as well.

A name no one has talked about, that could be a bargain, is Carson Wentz ($2.57). I get it, Wentz has been awful at times. He also hasn't had the best of luck. He had a fine season in Indianapolis before his COVID downfall against the Jaguars. If there was ever a chance for him to play again, I think we could see him wind up back in Carolina. I believe the dismissal from Indianapolis was from up top and Reich still believes he can make it work. Wentz could be the best quarterback DJ Moore ($0.71) has ever played with as well. If the Panthers can acquire him for pennies on the dollar they might be surprisingly happy in 12 months. If the Panthers do not render his services, it could be the end of the line for Wentz as a day 1 starter next season.

One of the most popular and polarizing players is Aaron Rodgers ($6.89). The rumor is that many believe Rodgers is ending up in either New York or Las Vegas. I truly don't believe that Aaron Rodgers ends up in New York. Not only is this a bad fit culturally for Rodgers, but I also think the expectations would be far too high. The stigma around Rodgers over the last 12 months would not jive with Rodgers and if the season started to slip away I think things would get extremely ugly between him and the fans. Ultimately, I think the situation in Vegas makes much more sense for Rodgers. He would be paired with his old friend Davante Adams. However, I am not sure how much Rodgers would be able to truly contend in Sin City. I think it is possible, but not probable. With Sean Payton in Denver, Patrick Mahomes ($20.48) in Kansas City, and Justin Herbert ($6.32) in Los Angeles…I don't know if that is a slam dunk either. Perhaps none of the rumors make a lot of sense for Rodgers, but we will soon find out where he is taking snaps in a couple of weeks.

Lastly, the quarterback I've written about over the last 2 years who I believe could be on the move, Lamar Jackson ($3.65). Jackson is set to hit free agency this off-season but the expectation around league circles is that he will be franchise tagged. While many believe he will be tagged with the exclusive tag (meaning no one else can try and sign him) I'm not 100% certain they will. The thought has been they would let him test the waters and see if he can get a contract with similar guarantees to Deshaun Watson ($12.40) or Kirk Cousins ($9.45). If they give him the exclusive tag, he won't be able to negotiate that and that would put a hamper on their negotiations.

I do not believe that Jackson will be the starting quarterback for Baltimore to start the season, and part of me wonders if Atlanta will be in play. This would instantly upgrade Kyle Pitts ($1.77) and Drake London ($3.97). In the end, he will likely have to be traded, and after striking out on Watson a year ago I think Atlanta gets aggressive and ponies up the dough to land their next generational signal caller.

In conclusion, the quarterback carousel is always a source of intrigue in the NFL off-season and this year is no exception. With so many potential moves, it will be interesting to see which QBs land where and how they perform in the upcoming season.

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