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Hello everyone, and welcome to a new Blue Chips Beat Report! This is my first article in some time, but I promise it will be worth the wait! Before I introduce the guest, and talk about this week's topic, let me introduce myself, and welcome any new readers. My name is Alex True, and I have been an avid supporter of Prediction Strike since the good ol days! Back in the days when there was no app, and the PS Discord was still a figment of someone's imagination. Before UFC existed it was available. Before baseball was available, and certainly before soccer was on our radars. Man, we grow up fast don’t we? And I have been fortunate enough that the “we” I speak of is in reference to me and my portfolio value! Prediction Strike has been a real blessing to my financial life, and my goal is for these articles to help make your portfolio grow too. I hope you absorb the info in these Beat Reports, and apply it to your portfolio. Remember, you might know a lot about a sport, but there is always someone out there that knows more about it than you! I realized that a long time ago, and created the interview style articles. I constantly invest in the experts' advice, and it has paid off for me! 

That leads us to today's guest. For those of you who may not know, Prediction Strike IPO’d Major League Soccer players three weeks ago. If you are like me, you know little to nothing about the MLS. Heck, I barely know anything about soccer, let alone our local league. But that is what this article is all about. Let's find someone out there that knows more about the MLS than all of us combined, and ask him some questions. So with that, let me introduce everyone to Gavin Rushnell! Gavin is one of the hosts of the MLS Now Podcast, making him one of the leaders in the MLS content space today. In addition to the podcast, which you can find on all major platforms, MLS Now is also an incredible source of articles and think pieces, all year round. Simply go to, and find all sorts of great content. I promise it will make you a better MLS investor!

I hope you are as excited about this week's article as I was, so without further ado, let's talk to Gavin!

Alex: So we are two weeks into the MLS season. I know it’s generic, but let’s start with the basics. What team has surprised you the most thus far? 

Gavin: It may be the easy answer but it is the right answer: St Louis City SC. 

The new kids on the block have won both of their games through exciting comebacks, scoring 6 goals in the process. The first was an away game in Austin, one of the best home atmosphere’s in the league. The 3-2 victory over Austin FC was a shock many were not expecting. Their second was the home opener against last year’s newbies Charlotte FC. If there is anyone out there looking to throw a dart at a potential stock, and enjoy a high scoring game, St. Louis is your team!

Alex: Prediction Strike is all about finding players with sky high potential. Is there anyone stealing the spotlight early on in this campaign? 

Gavin: Jeremy Ebobisse has looked lights out for San Jose. He’s a player I’ve always liked and it’s great to see him succeeding early on in 2023. Another name to keep an eye on is Chicago’s Brian GutiĆ©rrez. Only 19 years old but looks capable of being the next big player out of Chicago.

One more name to look into is Noel Buck for New England. Only 17 years old and is playing significant minutes in the midfield. That is a rare thing in this sport and whenever a coach as experienced as Bruce Arena trusts a player of his age in the spine of the team, it’s something to invest in. 

Alex: Two part question. I’m from DC, so I’m going to start with my bias. If there was one player to invest in on DC United, who would it be and why? Second part to the question, who is your favorite team, and who would you invest in on said team? And why?

Gavin: Taxiarchis Fountas, who is currently on the roster, is worth investing in on DC United. The attacking midfielder, when fit, is one of the best in the league. The 27 year old scored 12 goals in 1470 minutes, which is roughly 1 goal every 122 minutes. He is such an exciting player to watch and I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for him. Another name to keep an eye on is right back Chris Durkin.

I am an Orlando City supporter. I would keep an eye on new man Martin Ojeda. He takes a ton of shots, meaning he will score lots of goals. Another name I would invest in is Dagur Dan Thorhallsson. The 22 year old has had a promising first few appearances for the Lions, and he could very well stake a claim in the starting Xl later this year. He is not yet on the platform, but when he IPOs, I will be a buyer. Another youngster that is making headlines is Favian Loyola. He skyrocketed out of the academy all the way to the first team roster late last season. He hasn’t made a professional appearance, but he is one to keep on your radar. Again, not on the platform yet, but a name to keep in mind for years to come. I know these last two are a little off the radar, but it is these types of players that will benefit the portfolio most when they do eventually take off. Think NBA rookies, but for MLS. Big reward potential. 

Alex: Lastly, we talked a bit outside of this interview about the new streaming rights between MLS and Apple TV. What have your experiences been so far, and what should the readers know about it?

Gavin: Apple TV has been a fantastic addition to the MLS fan experience thus far. It has been so nice for fans all over the world to have a one-stop shop for MLS. No more blackouts for local fans and no more dodgy streaming sites for global fans. It’s all on the Apple TV app.

The price has been a point of contention for some, which is understandable, but it isn’t too expensive. For non-season ticket holders, the price is $15 / month or $99 /year. Season ticket holders get 1 Apple TV subscription included. And don’t forget, the subscription can be shared with up to 5 other users, which is a nice addition. Oh, and an extra perk for T-Mobile users! Go to your T-Mobile app. T-Mobile is giving all users a free 2023 season pass! 

Content includes MLS 360 (wraparound show similar to NFL Redzone), MLS Countdown (preview to weekend action), and MLS Wrap Up (review of the weekend action) each week, as well as full match replays, highlights, and club-produced content. All of this with 1080p HD cameras, which has been a nice addition. These are all great options to check how your investments are faring. 

I want to thank Gavin again for a tour de force of knowledge. I personally have learned more about the MLS in the last five minutes than I have in my entire life thus far. I have a couple MLS stocks currently in the portfolio, but there are a couple names that will be added before today's games kick off. I'm looking at you Ebobbise.

I plan on inviting Gavin back on very soon to keep the discussion going, but until then, make sure to follow some of his work. His personal twitter account is @lionsblog1 for all of his insight into Orlando soccer. The podcast's Twitter and Instagram account is @mlsnowpodcast. Follow this for league news and notes. And as I stated before, check out the website, for all your MLS needs. 

Thank you again Gavin for all your help, and I can't wait to have you back on! Everyone be safe this weekend, and enjoy an awesome slate of European soccer, NBA, UFC, and MLS!

Happy trading,

Alex True


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