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What’s up, everybody! My name is Jalon Dixon, your friendly neighborhood NBA super fan and new Prediction Strike expert here with the weekly scoop on the biggest news across the association and how these things could influence Prediction Strike’s NBA Stock Market.

To kick things off, let’s look at how my top players to watch from last week have been performing. Ja Morant is down -1.78% to $14.01 but recently had a monster performance with 36 points, nine assists, and three steals in 35 minutes in a loss to the LA Clippers.

The Dallas Mavericks continue to spiral as they sit just outside the Play-In tournament as Luka Doncic drops -0.66% to $15.12.

Lastly, the Minnesota Timberwolves just had their four-game winning streak snapped, but they have looked good throughout March. Karl-Anthony Towns has looked good since his return which makes him an absolute steal right now, as he is down -9.51% at $1.55.

The Kings Clinch Playoff Berth & Snap the Streak

Shout out to the Sacramento Kings! After last night’s blowout victory over the Damian Lillard-less ($18.43, -0.07%) Portland Trailblazers, the Kings clinched their playoff spot, snapping the longest postseason drought in NBA history (16 seasons).

With only six regular season games left, Sacramento has a safe five-game lead on the 4th-seeded Phoenix Suns and still has a chance to jump the Memphis Grizzlies, who are only up by two games. But regardless of where they finish, they walk into the postseason with homecourt advantage in the first round.

Now I personally was high on the Kings coming into this season. This was mainly due to the solid acquisitions they made this offseason and my faith in the hiring of head coach Mike Brown. But even Kings fans can admit that this season has massively exceeded expectations.

They are the highest-scoring team in basketball, averaging 121 points per game. Their offensive rating of 119.6 ranks number one all-time, surpassing last year’s Denver Nuggets (118.5). And the Sacramento Kings fans were rocking the house, as the Kings ranked 15th in fan attendance this season after the 29th last season and bottom five the three seasons.

Definitely a successful season and Mike Brown deserves some real Coach of the Year buzz.

This young team is playing with house money heading into the postseason. But they should not be underestimated due to their youth. Especially when they have the most clutch player in the league this season in De’Aaron Fox ($3.73, -7.81%) playing like he has this season.

We’ve seen a handful of players embrace the bright lights of the postseason to elevate their game and announce their arrival on a national level. Donovan Mitchell ($3.50, +4.73%) and Jamal Murray ($6.67, +3.02%), I’m the Bubble. Anthony Edwards ($26.18, -7.12%) last season in a competitive series against the Memphis Grizzlies. Now it will be interesting to see De’Aaron Fox in his playoff debut after years of being underrated, more so due to a lack of team success.

Whether you are a Kings’ optimist or a hater, it can’t be denied that this team is dangerous and will be a tough out for whoever draws them in the first round.

Quick Hitters

  • After missing the last ten games nursing an ankle injury, Kevin Durant ($9.44, -4.08%) returned Wednesday night and finished with 16 points and eight rebounds in the Phoenix Suns’ win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  • A few All-Stars are seeing their seasons cut short as it was announced that the Brooklyn Nets will be without Ben Simmons ($1.74, -0.21%) for the remainder of the season. Also, the Portland Trailblazers have elected to shut down Damian Lillard ($18.43, -0.07%). Rough season for both squads and a bleak offseason ahead for two players with very uncertain futures moving forward.
  • After Joel Embiid ($20.66, -3.81%) recently missed a marquee match against MVP candidate Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, ESPN NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins shared some interesting thoughts about the state of the MVP race. “Joel Embiid is ducking that smoke,” Perkins said. “You cannot sit out this game. When it comes down to these matchups, I have a vote [for MVP]. I’m going to remember this moment.

Well, that is all the news I have for this week. Thanks, everyone, for joining us! I am super excited. to bring you more NBA commentary every week. Have any ideas as to what else you would like to see from this newsletter? Let me know! Till next time, peace!

Happy trading, Jalon

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