It's NFL Draft Week!

Draft day is almost upon us, and we finally have some clarity on the Aaron Rodgers ($6.92) front!

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It's certainly interesting that Rodger's final snap as a Packer was 4 months ago, and that it was against the Detroit Lions of all teams. It's even more surprising that in his final season as Packer, he failed to take Green Bay to the playoff dance.

However, after a disappointing season, it's interesting to see what the Jets just gave up to replace Zach Wilson ($2.38). The Jets ended up swapping 1st rounders with Green Bay this season and added in a 2nd and 6th rounder this year along with a 2nd rounder next season with the potential for it to be a 1st rounder.

If the Jets ultimately end up giving up their 1st round pick next season, then perhaps we haven't seen the end of Zach Wilson in New York. If things go swimmingly well for the Jets and they win a Superbowl…what's to stop Rodgers from retiring? He has a wide array of weapons to deliver the ball to with Breece Hall ($10.98) in the backfield, and Garrett Wilson ($6.48) as well. Winning a Super Bowl is no easy feat, but having both the offensive and defensive rookie of the year and adding a repeat MVP to the team can only help those odds.

If the Jets do win a Superbowl I would imagine Rodgers would heavily consider retirement. Leaving the Jets with no 1st round pick, and potentially we get a revival of Zach Wilson. Perhaps, I should give up on the Zach Wilson hype train. However, learning behind an MVP for a season gives me optimism he might, and I mean MIGHT, come back to some relevance in 2024.

Outside of the groundbreaking Aaron Rodgers news, all eyes will be upon Kansas City on Thursday. While we don't have any rookies in the system yet, the rookies are sure to affect other investments we have throughout 2023. We've known for a while that the Panthers are likely turning their draft card in for Bryce Young, and that has left all eyes on Houston.

In a major twist of events, we're starting to see the betting odds shift to Will Levis becoming the 2nd pick of the draft. His draft journey has certainly been a wild one and remains to be seen where he will land. However, if he does end up in Houston that leads me to believe that perhaps we get more snaps from Davis Mills ($3.21). Mills has played well at times and will give the Texans a chance to develop Levis while also increasing their odds of another chance to get a higher pick next year.

If the Texans indeed draft Levis, there shouldn't be any urgency to trot him out as the week 1 starter. After trading away Brandin Cooks ($2.51) the roster is incredibly bare, and inserting him as a day 1 starter would likely do more harm than good. With no sure-fire offensive weapons, and a defense still likely to give up points shattering any confidence in Will Levis should be a primary concern if they indeed make that move at 2. The Texans, in 2023, are almost identical to where they were when they became an expansion franchise years ago.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Jordan Love ($1.11) is finally going to get his chance. He's had moments and opportunities to shine before but has never been given the green light with an entire off-season to cater the offense to his strengths. I don't know if he is going to flourish, but after waiting all these years, he has handled himself with about as much class as you could ask from a fiery NFL 20-year-old competitor. In all honesty, I'm rooting for Jordan Love the Human in 2023 and hope he proves all the haters wrong. With Aaron Jones ($4.65), Christian Watson ($7.88), and AJ Dillon ($2.10) all coming back this team could still be a playoff team. Winning the NFC North isn't a guarantee without Rodgers, but based on the current construction of the division it is anyone's guess as to who claims a home playoff game.

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