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Expert Analysis on THE BIG GAME!

The finale of an incredible season is here. We're jumping right into the analysis, but remember that in honor of the incredible week of sports, and our launch of live stock tracking (update those apps and follow along during the game), we're running a... FREE SHARE PROMO!!! Receive a free share for every $25 in deposits, up to $5k total. That is a maximum of 200 free shares. Live now through Sunday night. And if you haven't heard about our LOWER FEES or 50% merch DISCOUNT, yet... become a PS Black Member, and check out the merch shop for our biggest discount yet: The final game of the 2022 season is finally upon us. While many around the league wondered if losing Tyreek Hill ($10.72) would affect the Chiefs this season it doesn't appear as though that was the case. In some ways, these teams are the anthesis of each other. The Eagles were buyers throughout much of the off-season acquiring AJ Brown ($2.04) and several playmake

Blue Chips Beat Report | From PredictionStrike & Alex True

This is it everyone. The moment we have all waited for. We have watched, all season long, and it all comes down to this weekend! The two best in the sport come together to face off, and by the end of the weekend, we will finally have a new champion! Wait? Did you think I was talking about the football game happening tomorrow? Hell no, you can turn on Stephen A for NFL analysis, I’m here for something else tonight! One of the most highly anticipated fights in UFC history happens in mere hours, and you’re worried about which running back should I start? You can worry about that tomorrow, and hopefully with some new found gains from UFC 284 in hand! Now, you might live under a rock, or maybe you don’t follow MMA very closely, but even you might have heard of the two men fighting tonight. Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski, the baddest MFer on the planet, takes on the the pride of Dagestan, Islam Machachev. This is one you’re going to want to stay up for ladies and gentlemen, and to hel

QB Carousel 2023

With the Super Bowl being less than a week away, so are the off-season storylines for the season. As has been the case over the last couple of years we should be ready for the ever-changing quarterback carousel. Several names will be on the move, but we should go through some of the more relevant quarterbacks and some others who could be on the move. But before that... housekeeping reminder that you can still become a PS Black Member today! That includes: An immediate deposit promotion The ability to double your max holding position Rapid Bank Withdrawals Monthly Free Tokens Verified User Badge, and... A NEW ADDITION... 20% LOWER FEES! Down from 2.5%, enjoy 2% fees on all buys/sells. Oh, and check out our MERCH store here:! Per your request, we've released some top-notch merch. There's a limited quantity and will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to get on it! Derek Carr ($2.59) has been speculated to be on the