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Heading into NFL Camps w. PredictionStrike

Camps are starting to kick off around the country, and it's beginning to look a whole lot like football season. Well, maybe more so today than last week because of the heat wave. As camps begin to open up, some interesting storylines are beginning to form. One of the more interesting storylines is that of Chris Godwin ($10.52). A couple of months ago there were reports that Godwin would likely land on the PUP, and miss the first 4 weeks of the season. However, it's interesting that reports over the recent days have expressed optimism for Godwin being able to suit up week 1 this season. Godwin is at his lowest value since November and presents a bargain for investors. Given the unretirement of Tom Brady ($16.62) and the retirement of Rob Gronkowski ($5.94). While we shouldn't expect Godwin to be 100% to start the season, it's encouraging to see him getting healthy. Should Godwin stay healthy, he figures to see plenty of targets opposite Mike Evans ($11.47). Whi

Insider Trading, Manny Galarza on the Contender Series | From PredictionStrike & Alex True

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to a special midweek version of PredictionStrike’s Insider Trading! We have done countless MMA, NBA, and NFL specific articles over the last year plus, and I am excited to introduce new sports/events into the Insider Trading fold. It was brought to my attention yesterday that Dana White’s Contender Series has been added to the PredictionStrike market! You might be asking yourself, what is the Contender Series, and most importantly, how do I make money investing in Contender Series stocks? Lucky for all of us, I called upon one of the sharpest minds in the MMA community, Manny Galarza from MMA Fight Club! Manny has more MMA knowledge in his pinky finger than I will ever know, so what better way to get us ready for Tuesday fight cards than interviewing one of the best and brightest! I hope you guys take as much info away from this as I did! Two fight cards a week on PredictionStrike can change the portfolio forever! Let’s welcome Manny, and let's

Insider Trading, OKC Thunder | From PredictionStrike & Alex True

Hey everyone! Welcome to an edition of Insider Trading that I am very excited about!! The NFL season is still months away, baseball is meticulously inching along, and the heavily anticipated UFC London card is still a few days away. So what in the sports world has happened to get me so riled up? The NBA Summer League! That’s right folks, an exhibition basketball tournament, with minimal to no stakes on the line has got my investment eyes popping out of my head. The NBA draft was just mere weeks ago, and the summer league was our first chance to see the news kids on the block perform. Savvy PredictionStrike investors know that NBA rookies have a track record of massive gains, so I for one was paying close attention to those names with potential to explode this upcoming season. Now, the NBA rookies have yet to IPO on PredictionStrike, but it’s never too early to have a game plan set for when the time comes. One team in particular that has had the Twitter verse buzzing was the Oklahoma

The NFL Offseason on PredictionStrike: Investors Thrive on New Offensive Sets

Fourth of July is now in the books, and we've entered the down-trodden dog days of summer. We've reached the point where Baker Mayfield ($3.90) being traded somehow becomes breaking news. While we digest the Baker news, I also think we should touch on some dark horse tight ends who largely go unnoticed in these articles. While many of the sheep will flock to Baker Mayfield and tell themselves they're "buying low" I would advise us not to fall into this trap. Baker has played 14 or more games in every season and has underwhelmed every time. People are quick to point out Baker's injury and throw out last season. That is fine, but we have 3 years of historical data to go off of. If you threw out last season, his worst performance, we have a quarterback who peaked as QB20 in terms of points per game his rookie season. Consider that over those 3 years Baker threw 75 touchdown passes and 43 interceptions while never throwing for over 4,000 yards. The same peo

Insider Trading, Big Night in MMA | From PredictionStrike & Alex True

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to another edition of Insider Trading. Ben “The Bane” Davis crushed it last week with his expert intel, so I hope you listened closely to his recommendations! This week is a massive PPV week, so we are bringing out the big guns. I have asked Kyle Miller from Never Hedge to grace us today and give us all the info we need to properly invest ahead of tonight's card. I asked him to introduce himself to everyone, so welcome Kyle, and get ready to make some money! Hey everyone, I’m Kyle Miller with NeverHedge media. We put out MMA handicapping/ fantasy sports content on YouTube, substack and tiktok. We also run an MMA discord where we have the best MMA community on the internet. It’s a great place to get information about upcoming fights, discuss bets and even watch the fights with the community! I’m looking forward to helping you make good investments before UFC 276. Let’s get started. Alex : This card is a PredictionStrike investors dream come true.