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Overvalued Football Stocks on PredictionStrike

Last week we discussed players that might be undervalued in terms of their current price, and this week we will discuss players who I strongly believe are over-valued. If you’re a fan of the weekly report, and enjoy the content… I hope we can still be friends if your “darkhorse” is on this list! Cam Akers ($6.30) is a trendy name among many to be a surprise player this season. However, I have my doubts. Cam Akers, has proven to be a highly volatile player. Several factors contribute to this assessment, including his benching during the previous season, his expressed desire for a trade, and his injury history. One of the significant indicators of volatility in Akers' career is his benching during last season. Despite flashes of brilliance and occasional standout performances, inconsistency and struggles with ball security led to decreased playing time. The coaching staff's decision to bench him indicates a lack of trust and an ability to stay healthy. Furthermore, Akers&#

NFL Draft Recap on PredictionStrike

One of the best days of the year has passed. Before we embark on the dog days of the NFL, the storylines of hope and revival of our favorite teams still loom large. As they say in physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same can be said as it relates to veterans and the arrival of these rookies to their new homes. But before that... housekeeping reminder that you can still become a PS Black Member today! That includes: An immediate deposit promotion The ability to double your max holding position Rapid Bank Withdrawals Monthly Free Tokens Verified User Badge, and... A NEW ADDITION... 20% LOWER FEES! Down from 2.5%, enjoy 2% fees on all buys/sells. Oh, and check out our MERCH store here:! Per your request, we've released some top-notch merch. There's a limited quantity and will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to get on it! One of the biggest examples of this lays in the motor city. In the first ro