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Last week we discussed players that might be undervalued in terms of their current price, and this week we will discuss players who I strongly believe are over-valued. If you’re a fan of the weekly report, and enjoy the content… I hope we can still be friends if your “darkhorse” is on this list!

Cam Akers ($6.30) is a trendy name among many to be a surprise player this season. However, I have my doubts. Cam Akers, has proven to be a highly volatile player. Several factors contribute to this assessment, including his benching during the previous season, his expressed desire for a trade, and his injury history.

One of the significant indicators of volatility in Akers' career is his benching during last season. Despite flashes of brilliance and occasional standout performances, inconsistency and struggles with ball security led to decreased playing time. The coaching staff's decision to bench him indicates a lack of trust and an ability to stay healthy.

Furthermore, Akers' request for a trade is a clear sign of his discontent and lack of commitment to the Rams also shouldn’t be ignored. Players who openly express dissatisfaction and actively seek a way out often create an atmosphere of instability within the team environment in order to force the team to trade them. If you wanted to invest in a cheaper, and higher upside investment Kyren Williams ($1.32) is likely to be your guy. He’s currently projected for 1 point, and I think this backfield likely starts out in a committee. If Akers is traded, and they don’t sign Dalvin Cook ($3.10), I could see this paying off.

Another player I have limited belief in this season is Derek Carr ($2.58). Carr's chances of success in the upcoming year appear to be in doubt for several reasons. One significant factor is his underwhelming performance during the 2022 season. Carr failed to deliver consistently impressive results, and his play often left much to be desired. This lackluster showing raises concerns about his ability to lead the team effectively and perform at a high level.

Carr was essentially given the keys to the Ferrari last season for Vegas. He was given Darren Waller ($3.00), Davante Adams ($11.77), and Josh Jacobs ($2.75) and vastly underperformed. We shouldn’t be surprised by this considering Carr has one playoff start under his belt. I have little reason to believe that Carr is getting an upgrade with Chris Olave ($5.83) and Michael Thomas ($11.97), and at best they’re as good as Adams and Waller. In no scenario do I think Carr out performs last year. In fact, I think Carr struggles this coming season like he has before.

Carr's early struggles under former head coach Dennis Allen raise further doubts about his overall potential. During the early stages of his career, Carr struggled to find his footing and had difficulties performing well under Allen's coaching. While Allen is a defensive coach, I don’t think it is an upgrade going from Josh McDaniels to Dennis Allen.

The last player I think we should be fading this season is Marquise Brown ($1.62). Brown has been a hot name as of late with the rumors of Deandre Hopkins hitting the trade block, and I believe he is gone on June 1st. However, I don’t see the upside for Brown or how he hits for us this season. Considering that Kyler Murray ($3.68) is still recovering from his ACL injury, Colt Mccoy ($0.69) is likely going to be the man in charge of getting the ball to him. I don’t see enough consistent high quality target volume to take the chance on Brown. Perhaps, the best investment in this offense is actually James Conner ($3.81).

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