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Stocks to Target this NFL Sunday, 10/31

I said it last week and I'll say it again - If I know one thing, its that no one likes to be bothered on Sundays, so we’ll keep this quick. Let's talk about the most exciting games of the day and how they relate to our favorite stocks and our green portfolios. The 1pm EST Slate Buffalo started off Miami’s 6 game losing streak in Week 2 when they ventured down south and clobbered ‘em, 35-0, also sending Tua (+14%, $4.51/share) into a 3 week stand on the IR. Despite the loss to Atlanta, Tua came back to life last week and instilled some hope in fans & shareholders alike… but how long will that last? The Bills defense will be well rested coming off their bye, and combine that prowess with the fact that Miami allows the 7 th most QB pressures… its not looking good for Tua & Co. Jaylen Waddle (+3%, $5.98/share) has been one of few bright spots for the Dolphins this season, being up +21% on the season, maybe he can continue that. All that being said – its on the other si

Green Bay Packers | Insider Trading, from PredictionStrike & Alex True

  Hello, hello, everyone - and welcome to a Thursday Night Football edition of Insider Trading! I know we are in the midst of the busy season on PredictionStrike, with the NFL and NBA in full swing. And I can’t forget to mention we are ONE WEEK AWAY from the launch of the UFC on the Strike, so you can say we have our hands full! Saying that, we can’t forget the here and now, and today we have a MASSIVE game between the Cardinals and Packers . Unfortunately, COVID is going to rear its ugly head, and put a little damper on tonight's game. Luckily, I reached out to a familiar face to get an expert's opinion! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Ryan Schlopp, aka Pack Daddy ! If you can’t tell by the name, Ryan is my go-to source for all things Packers football. We have a great chat, and I hope the below interview answers all your questions before tonights game, but just in case it doesn’t, I implore you to check out Ryan’s podcast, The Packernet Podcast . Also check out Ryan

Stocks to Target this NFL Sunday 10/24

I said it last week and I'll say it again - If I know one thing, its that no one likes to be bothered on Sundays, so we’ll keep this quick. Let's talk about the most exciting games of the day and how they relate to our favorite stocks and our green portfolios. The 1pm EST Slate Can the Titans pull of another marquee AFC upset? The Chiefs looked like they FINALLY heated up in the second half of the game against WFT last week, outscoring Washington 21-0. If the Titans are going to slow them down, they’ll have to make up for having lost CB Caleb Farley, their first round pick, in last week’s game. On the offensive end, we know they’ll have to let Derrick Henry (+20%, $39.74/share) run wild. Henry has been on a tear this season, +88%, and we KNOW that since the Chiefs haven’t been able to stop anyone … it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stop Henry of all people. Henry will have some help on the offensive end though, with AJ Brown (+3%, $2.10/share) up +8% since clearing up thos

PredictionStrike's 2021-2022 NBA Preview

Good morning PredictionStrike family, and welcome to one of our favorite days of the year! I hope you are well caffeinated because we have a doozy for you this morning. Sure, we could talk about last night's Titans-Bills game, but something else is a bit more pressing. Today is the first day of “Gains Season,” or what others call… NBA basketball season! I know we are deep in the trenches of football season, but in my experience, basketball is where the money is to be made. Maybe now you can see why I am so excited! Tonight tips off the start of the 75th anniversary season, and the league has some special events lined up to celebrate long and historic traditions. One tradition we have here at PredictionStrike is to bring the whole crew together, and share our thoughts on the new season with all you beautiful people. We will discuss who we think will win player awards like MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Most Improved, and we will even go around and say who we think comes away with a

Derrick Henry Only Goes Up, plus Cardinals & Cowboys WRs Gone Wild

When you turn on NFL Redzone, do you want to see commercials? No? Just football? Heard. Let's get into it: Bills vs. Titans : Are you not entertained?! The Titans pulled off a stunning upset, tackling Josh Allen (+6%, $18.85/share) on 4th & 1 from the 3 YD line, already up 3 with 3:05 to play. Shortly after, Derrick Henry (+20%, $39.72/share), who rushed for XX and C TDs throughout the game, ran for maybe the most important 13 YDs of the night, sealing the outcome. Earlier in the night he had a beautiful 76 YD TD run, signaling that Josh Allen maybe shouldn’t be the only MVP candidate on the field… after all, he is up +88% on the season, the most out of almost any blue chip stock. In all seriousness though, this is a great win for the Titans, but not a terrible loss for the Bills. Their guys played great – Allen +6%, Beasley +20%, Diggs +6%, Sanders +3%... If the blocking went just slightly better on that last play, we’d be singing a different tune. Cowboys vs. Patriot

Insider Trading: Philadelphia Eagles Trading Tips w. Thomas Petersen!

  Good morning, everyone. Rise and shine! Maybe it’s just me, but knowing football is on tonight makes the first cup of coffee taste that much better. We have had some really good Thursday Night Football games lately, and tonight should be no different when the Eagles and Buccaneers kick it off. We have discussed the Buccaneers a ton in these newsletters, so I want to focus our attention to the other side of the ball, and shed some light on the Philadelphia Eagles. What better way to inform the people, then with an Eagles rendition of Insider Trading! Before I introduce this week's insider, I want to remind you that we are in the midst of a deposit promotion! From now, until October 22nd, for every $50 you deposit, you get one free share. Same promotion as before, but this time, the max deposit is raised to $5,000! That means you can earn up to 100 free shares! Let me help put that in perspective: Last time they ran this promo, I deposited some money, and got free Josh Allen (+1