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Hello, hello, everyone - and welcome to a Thursday Night Football edition of Insider Trading! I know we are in the midst of the busy season on PredictionStrike, with the NFL and NBA in full swing. And I can’t forget to mention we are ONE WEEK AWAY from the launch of the UFC on the Strike, so you can say we have our hands full! Saying that, we can’t forget the here and now, and today we have a MASSIVE game between the Cardinals and Packers. Unfortunately, COVID is going to rear its ugly head, and put a little damper on tonight's game. Luckily, I reached out to a familiar face to get an expert's opinion! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Ryan Schlopp, aka Pack Daddy! If you can’t tell by the name, Ryan is my go-to source for all things Packers football. We have a great chat, and I hope the below interview answers all your questions before tonights game, but just in case it doesn’t, I implore you to check out Ryan’s podcast, The Packernet Podcast. Also check out Ryan’s website, for all things Packers. Last but certainly not least, follow Ryan on twitter @Pack_Daddy for daily updates on his favorite team. So, without further ado, let's welcome back Ryan Schlopp!

Alex: Hey Pack Daddy, I’m glad to have you back, but I wish it was under better circumstances. The big news this week is how the Packers are totally decimated by both COVID and injuries leading into tonight’s game against the Cardinals. At the time of writing, the Packers will be playing without their top three receivers with Lazard (+30%, $2.88/share) and Adams (-3%, $9.78/share) being placed on the COVID list, and Valdes Scantling (+16%, $1.01/share) remaining on IR. Not to mention a litany of other coaches and players listed on the COVID list. First, can you give us some insight into how the Packers are dealing with this outbreak?

Ryan: There's a decent amount of optimism mixed with "let's just get this stupid Thursday nonsense over with." Look I think they understand this is a monumental task but it's also 1 game. Win, lose or draw if they can get healthy they know they're a special team.

Alex: Follow up question, how in the world do the Packers pull this game off, and are there any receivers on the roster worthy of buying on PredictionStrike?

Ryan: A few come to mind. Obviously Randall Cobb (-6%, $8.07/share) comes to mind. He's had a decent year with one big game on record. We know he's reliable and Rodgers (+4%, $12.05/share) loves him.

Another to consider is Amari Rodgers (0%, $3.45/share), the Packers rookie. He's been slowly getting more and more time on the field, usually being put in motion as a threat to the defense. I've been telling my audience that they are building up a lot of film and practice and are one day going to unleash him. Aaron Rodgers said today with a smile that they're going to “Dig into their bag of tricks for this game.” I'm curious if Amari factors into that plan.

Alex: Last time we spoke, we discussed Aaron Jones (-13%, $7.77/share), and I think it’s clear we will be talking about him again. With all the injured pass catchers, are we expecting a colossal day from Jones, both on the ground and in the air?

Ryan: Absolutely. The team just performs much better when there's balance, and when Jones, or A.J. Dillon (-15%, $1.44/share), gets going – they are hard to stop. Add in the WR injuries, and the struggles the Cardinals have had at stopping the run (31st in the league), I would anticipate a lot of Jones as a runner and receiver.

Alex: We hate to see all the injuries and COVID procedures negatively affecting the Packers defense, but savvy investors know that opportunities like this usually spark productive stocks. What Cardinals player stocks do you think will benefit most from this battered Packers defense?

Ryan: The Cardinals have an incredible pile of receivers at their disposal and the Packers have been decimated at corner. That isn't to say the corners haven't held up but this is a different level of competition for them. Your guess is as good as mine as far as which WR to target but I see AZ WRs vs Packers CBs as being comfortably in AZs favor.

Alex: I know you’re a football guy, but let’s switch it up a bit this week. Have you dipped your toes into NBA player stocks yet? If so, who are you investing in?

Ryan: You know I've been trying every year to get into basketball without much luck. With that said, the Bucks winning has given me hope this year will be different. I don't have a solid answer for you but I think I'm gonna go grab some Bucks stocks right now.

I don’t know about all you, but I feel a lot better going into tonight's game. Cobb (-6%, $8.07/share), welcome to my portfolio… I want to thank Ryan once again for joining me in the Insiders article, and for getting us ready for tonight's game. Don’t forget to follow Ryan @Pack_Daddy, and give his podcast a listen! For all you reading this now, make sure you also follow me @ChipsStocks for buy alerts throughout the season. I do a lot more NBA buy alerts, so let's get that dual sport bag! If anyone out there wants me to interview an insider from a specific team, make sure to send me a DM, and I will try and reach out for some inside info! If you’ve gotten this far, I appreciate you, and look forward to seeing where we go from here! Talk soon!

Happy trading,

Alex True


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