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PredictionStrike Weekly Update: Death, Taxes, and Pre-Season Injuries

Pour your coffee, take a seat, and pull your phone out. It's time to check your portfolio. Welcome to another edition of PredictionStrike's Weekly Update, where we'll break down some of the most interesting storylines, talk about the biggest & best performances, and try to tie it all back to athletes' stock prices and how we should be viewing the markets. Death, taxes, and pre-season injuries that change everything a team thinks about the next 4-6 months. I mean, this was the LAST weekend of preseason. Could we not have wrapped everyone in bubble wrap? Maybe thrown flags on the guys’ waists? Practice some extra social distancing? C’mon, Goodell. I’m doing your job, man. Analytics will tell you to devalue running backs for a million reasons, #1 being that you can replace their value rather easily. But still, when an RB1 goes down, we all go into panic mode. There's value in a sure thing, in confidence, and in continuation. Finding that next guy up in theory is do

PredictionStrike Announcement: Share Splits!

Ah, its Friday afternoon, and PredictionStrike has yet another announcement. All feels right in the world. What can we say… we’ve been busy. I bring you this Friday email to let you know that next Friday, 9/3, we’re completing share splits & reverse share splits for a handful of players. What does this mean?  First of all, and most importantly, YOUR VALUE WILL NOT CHANGE .  Player share prices that are astronomically high will be brought back down to earth, and player share prices that are gravitationally low will be flown up to surface level. FOR EXAMPLE… If Player A is currently valued at $1, we might make that player $4. If you owned 1 share of Player A at $1/share, after this change, you'll own .25 shares at $4/share. If Player B is currently valued at $100, we might make that player $10. If you owned 1 share of Player B at $100/share, after this change, you’ll own 10 shares at $10/share. To be CLEAR – your value is NOT changing . If the total value of your shares was $