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The NFL Madness Continues

Wow, this off-season has turned into a writer's dream, giving us plenty of storylines with little creativity needed! After the first run of free agency, I was gifted even more over the last two weeks! The latest bombshell we’ve seen has been that Tyreek Hill ($9.36) is headed southeast to the Miami Dolphins. This is a move that is a head-scratcher in terms of destination, but not the fact that he's traded. It always felt as though Tyreek would be on the move this off-season as he was entering the final year of his deal. He and the Chiefs have had numerous discussions the previous seasons restructuring his deal, and Tyreek avoided this every time. Part of me feels as though he didn't want to be in Kansas City as he was asked to be away from the team during the 2019 incident with his family. Nonetheless, this hurts Tyreeks' long-term potential in my eyes. Tua Tagovailoa ($3.44) is not Patrick Mahomes ($17.46) by any metric, and I'll expect to see more gadget

Free Agency Portfolio Tracker!

My oh my, things certainly have changed in a matter of a few short weeks. There is quite a bit of moving parts to get into this week, and plenty of actionable items to track. Perhaps the biggest news of the week centers around the most important position in the game. Perhaps the biggest news of the week wasn't even in regards to free agency. Tom Brady ($16.63) announced Sunday night that he was unretiring a mere 40 days after posting his original retirement. This is a huge boost back to Mike Evans ($11.47), and Chris Godwin ($10.52). At the time of writing this article, neither Leonard Fournette ($11.24) nor Ronald Jones ($0.26) has resigned from Tampa Bay. This creates a buying window for Keyshawn Vaughn ($4.45) as he is currently the only running back under contract for the upcoming season and was a third-round pick just two seasons ago. I do fully expect to see Rob Gronkowski ($5.94) resign in the next day or so to continue the budding bromance. Russell Wilson ($10.9

The NFL Coaching Carousel

The off-season is finally upon us, and it's crazy to think that free agency is only a few short weeks away! Throughout the off-season, I'll have you covered checking on the latest news and rumors every couple of weeks. With that said, the NFL head coaching carousel has come full circle with all of the positions being filled, and after taking a look at the hires there's some value for us to create this off-season based on them! NFC Coaching Hires Brian Daboll – New York Giants The biggest hire of the off-season probably belongs to the Giants. Daboll was the hot name last season, and he was able to keep the offense humming this season. In turn, he inherits the problems of a team in search of something, anything. Looking at Daboll's resume is uninspiring, however, if you remove his time in Buffalo. Never finishing above the bottom third in terms of offense, begs the question of if Daboll learned and improved, or lived off the coattails of Josh Allen ($26.37). Howeve