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NFL Offseason on PredictionStrike: Disaster Becomes Opportunity

It's started to heat up around these parts in Kansas the past couple of weeks, which sadly means we're about to enter the reality that is baseball season…and baseball season only. My grandfather was a huge baseball fan, so much so that he used to enroll me in baseball. I cherished the time with my grandfather but found the baseball side of things…disastrous. So let’s talk NFL! With the NFL storylines no longer writing themselves this offseason, I thought back to my disastrous baseball days and thought perhaps we should invest in some players who could benefit from "disaster." Imagine being drafted to a team whose franchise quarterback was coming off of one of their worst seasons as a pro. However, after said season that same player went on to win two straight MVP awards, guiding that team to consecutive 13-win seasons. Jordan Love ($0.95) perhaps has had one of the more odd draft stories I can remember in recent years. Coming out of Utah State, Love was highly

NFL Offseason on PredictionStrike: So - what's next?

The dust has settled and the best part of the off-season is now history. With the draft being over smokescreen season is now ready to become a part of the past, but capturing post draft value is now the game. One name I’m going to pound the table for is Darrell Henderson ($1.17). Through the first 9 games of the season last year Henderson was on a tear. The Rams gave Henderson the rock 15 times per game over those first 8 games, allowing Henderson to average 4 or more yards per carry in 6 of them. In 5 of those 8 weeks Henderson had 3 or more targets in the passing game, scoring at least one touchdown, and scored 14 or more fantasy points. Shortly after, Henderson suffered injury and Sony Michel ($0.93) came off the bench to help. Henderson, while nursing his injury, split time with Michel over the final weeks. However, with Sony Michel now off to Miami, it’s back to Cam Akers ($4.53) and Darrell Henderson leading this backfield. Throughout the playoffs Akers looked like he wa