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NFL Offseason on PredictionStrike: Deebo News, Draft Updates, and Darren Waller!

The draft is quickly approaching, and the smokescreens are abundant. This week I'm here to break down the latest news and notes to help get your NFL fix before we head into the dead period. The biggest news of the week is Deebo Samuel ($4.50) and his demand to be traded. This has become quite the trend this off-season, and I have no doubts that Deebo Samuel will end up being the next in a long line of receivers who are on the move this off-season. The rumor mill has been extremely active linking Deebo to the New York Jets and that makes tons of sense, but I ultimately don't believe that's the landing spot. If you follow me on Twitter (@Dynastymad ) the cat is probably out of the bag as last week I labeled Deebo a " knee cap biter " who fits perfectly within the locker room Detroit is trying to build. Over the last year, we've seen Deebo put San Francisco on his back, and carry them to the NFC championship. With the versatility to become a running back,

NBA Playoffs | Insider Trading | From PredictionStrike & Alex True

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to another exciting weekend of PredictionStrike action! We have a weekend full of MLB, which I know you are all excited for, along with a UFC card that has much to be desired, in my own opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I like Belal Muhammed ($3.56) as much as the next guy, but you need someone with a little more name cache for me to write an entire article about. So the question becomes, what sport has enough buzz to write an article about? The NBA playoffs, of course! The last of the play-in games commenced last night, so the playoff bracket is finally set. If you remember correctly, I predicted the Bulls to win the finals this season in the pre-season predictions, but something tells me I might be wrong. I get at least half credit for them getting this far, in my opinion. If you are a PredictionStrike veteran, you know the NBA playoff season hits different. The studs who have been boosting the portfolio all year long are just now kicking it into high ge

NFL Offseason on PredictionStrike

We've finally hit that point in the off-season where the league has slowed down. The news cycle over the last two weeks hasn't quite lived up to the past month, but that doesn't mean that there isn't still news that we can dissect and glean from the latest happenings in the NFL. The most notable move in the NFL from the past two weeks was the New Orleans Saints swapping picks with the Philadelphia Eagles netting them an additional first-round selection. Many have speculated that this move was made with an eye towards the quarterback position, spelling trouble for Jameis Winston ($6.36), but I tend not to believe that. The reason being is that if the Saints were trying to swing a trade to move up and select a signal-caller they would simply make that move on draft night while seeing how the board progresses. They gave up quite a bit of draft ammunition to make this move, and they would've given up similar resources to make the move up come draft night. That b

Baseball on PredictionStrike: How it Works

How baseball investing works: At the highest level, baseball investing works just like our other sports. Player prices move based on: Supply and demand and Performance relative to expectations. Baseball is very different from basketball and football, so we decided to improve the pricing formula to help PredictionStrike users. The most common outcome for a batter in baseball is – by far – to get zero fantasy points. When we tested our original pricing formula against historical data, too many players lost value over the 162-game season. We had to do something to prevent that. We found a combination of ideas that worked perfectly against historical data: reduced fantasy projections, loss limits, and non-linear price movement. I know that sounds like a lot, but we will explain here! On reduced fantasy projections: We decided to artificially lower fantasy point expectations for players. So, what does this look like in the PredictionStrike app? If your baseball player was p

PredictionStrike's BCPS First MLB Edition!

Good morning PredictionStrike family, and welcome to a very important rendition of Blue Chips and Penny Stocks! Today has been circled on the calendar for a lot of us, and the wait is finally over. Grab your peanuts, grab your cracker jacks, and get ready to make that portfolio green all summer long, because today is Opening Day in the MLB! I have been waiting a long time to say that, and you can only begin to imagine how excited I am to finally get some major leaguers in the portfolio. The lockout earlier this Spring scared us all, but we are primed and ready to roll out the next big money maker in the PredictionStrike arsenal. Now, some of you might be hesitant to invest in baseball players right away because of your limited knowledge of the sport, and that's totally ok! Today’s article will simply be an introduction to some of the players to keep an eye on, and as the season progresses, we can pinpoint some plays like we do for the NFL and NBA. One thing that I have noticed