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Congrats @LA! Now - Who's Next?

What a thrilling finish that was in LA! It's been a wild ride this season, and to see the Rams escape on the back of Matthew Stafford ($5.98) and Cooper Kupp (3%, $14.73). Unfortunately, if you invested in Odell Beckham Jr . (-17%, $1.91) you're going to have to wait for those investments to materialize after his unfortunate injury. I'm wishing all the best to him, and feel sick for him. But, for now... Peaking ahead to next year With this season in the rearview mirror, I wanted to peek at my early favorites for who could be hoisting the Lombardi this time next year. Below are my top 5 teams I think that could be poised for a super bowl run. Pittsburgh Steelers As a Bills fan, I'm sure many of are you wondering how I've come to the conclusion this team is poised for big things next season. I truly believe Ben Roethlisberger ($3.18) held this team back this season. The Steelers are loaded with talent at the receiver position with Chase Claypool ($2.46), Dio

Stocks & Stories: Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl Edition!

Well…today's the day. The NFL's crown jewel, and the last game of the 2021 NFL season. While it is sad to see the end of the season approaches, it has been a fun ride for us to make some money off of our investments and watch some incredible games. The good news is that while the games will disappear for 6 months, the intrigue will not. NFL Free Agency is just around the corner, as is the NFL combine and eventually the NFL draft. Don't think I'll leave you high and dry during this time, as you'll still see me around this off-season! For now, let's enjoy the game we've been given. As I sit here I'm fairly confident in how I think this game will go, but I hope that I'm wrong. Joe Burrow (1%,$8.59) is a tremendous quarterback, but he can't block for himself. The Bengals are going to have to find a way to keep him on his feet and away from Aaron Donald. If Burrow isn't allowed the time to let the play develop we'll likely not see much of

PredictionStrike's Blue Chips and Penny Stocks: Ben Simmons! Corey Kispert! Kendall Blanton!

Happy Thursday PredictionStrike family, and welcome to another exciting BCPS article! Sorry I missed you all last week, but this coming weekend is busy enough for the two weekends combined. Let’s go over the sports calendar. We have your standard NHL and NBA action happening on a nightly basis, we have the much-anticipated NBA trade deadline later today. We have the infamous Waste Management Open in Scottsdale, Arizona with the PGA starting today too. If you aren’t familiar with the 16th hole at the Waste Management, do yourself a favor and watch some golf coverage this weekend. Continuing on, we have all the incredible Olympic sports happening in Beijing, and UFC 271 happening in Houston Saturday night. I think that pretty much covers everything happening sports wise this weekend. Oh wait there's one more thing! Super Bowl Sunday! Believe it or not, we aren’t going to talk about football today. You all are going to get a ton of content between now and Sunday about the game, so I

The Super Bowl is Set

There were some lofty expectations this weekend based on how the divisional weekend went for the NFL. Ironically, this weekend lived up to the hype of last weekend. As great as these games have been, sadly, we're staring down the barrel of one more game this season. Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs While this was a ultimately a great game, it certainly didn't look like it was trending that way through most of the first half. However, the turning point in the game came down to how the final seconds of the first half. Inside the red zone, Patrick Mahomes (-3%, $17.64) was given the green light to try once more to punch the ball in the end zone to go up 28-10, essentially going for the kill. Mahomes dumped the ball off short to Tyreek Hill ($9.38) in hopes of him finding his way to the end zone. Unfortunately, the Chiefs came away scoreless as the play took too long to develop. It seemed as though that gave the Bengals a spark on defense, shortly after finding a