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What to Expect from the Panthers, Broncos, and Chiefs | PredictionStrike Weekly

It's been a short 7 days, and with us waiting for those rookie IPO's it's getting harder to hold back that rookie fever for me. Nevertheless, we did at least have another week of semi-professional football to watch. If you've been with me for the off-season then you know I'm not particularly in on Baker Mayfield ($3.91). In the last 24 hours, Baker Mayfield was named the starter for Carolina. I still don't believe this makes anyone on that offense an immediate buy, but it does give the fan base some hope.  Lest we forget last season, Sam Darnold ($2.33) had this team 3-1 and looked like it was destined for a playoff berth. Fast forward 12 months and Darnold is riding the bench and we may get the similar fools gold this year when you factor in that Christian McCaffrey ($14.95) appears to be back this season. Lest we forget, outside of McCaffrey and DJ Moore ($1.07) there isn't much to work with on this offense unless one of these other receivers steps

Why You Should Believe in the Commanders | The NFL on PredictionStrike

What a wild ride this past week, and after a long wait, the semi-pro version of football is back! We're only 2 more lousy preseason weeks away from the start of the regular season. While we can't glean much from preseason, there are some storylines and nuggets of information that can make a world of difference for us in the coming season. One storyline that hasn't been reported on enough is that of the Washington Football Team. I've said numerous times on the Dynasty Brews podcast that I believe this team has what it takes to go from worst to first this season. Throughout training camp, we've heard that Carson Wentz ($3.15) has been inaccurate. However, when pressed into this weekend Wentz looked sharp completing 10 of his 13 passes for almost 100 yards. While Terry McLaurin ($1.14) didn't light the world on fire, he did catch a pass for 16 yards. I think Terry is the biggest bargain of the off-season and will benefit mightily from the most competent quart

Bad News Bears & Matt Stafford Concerns | PredictionStrike's Prep for the Season

We're so close, you can smell it. The start of the NFL season is officially less than a month away. Life comes at you fast. This past weekend, my brother was visiting from Nebraska and we had made plans for the cousins to meet up. As I loaded the kids in the car and started the car up, we were all ready to go. Pulling out of the driveway my wife says "does the car sound funny at all?" The pessimist in me should've agreed, but I reply "It was in the shop 4 days ago, shouldn't be an issue." As life goes on, sometimes the signs of dysfunction are ever present and optimism tends to be the blinder to us all. Take the Chicago Bears for example, and their quarterback Justin Fields ($4.39). Per Jordan Schultz on Twitter Justin Fields has "blown away" the coaching staff this off-season. Taken at face value many pundits will flock to this news as him being ready to take the next step. Like the slight noise in my car, the devil is in the details. As

Insider Trading, Manny Galarza on the Contender Series Part 2 | From PredictionStrike & Alex True

Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to another mid-week Insider Trading article! We are gathered today to talk more MMA stocks; regarding the Contender series, to be more specific. We previewed week one of the 2022 DWCS season a couple weeks ago, and let’s just say the fighters left much to be desired. The only good part of week one was Manny Galarza’s breakdown in the Insider Trading article. But it was a fair trade off – what we lacked in excitement, we gained in a new Insider with immense knowledge. So it’s my pleasure to reintroduce you all to Manny, host of the MMA Fight Club full card breakdown podcast and YouTube channel. A lot of the time, investors can gain an edge if they comb through fighter’s regional film to discover weaknesses or height/reach discrepancies etc. It takes dedication, and a lot of patience with some of the smaller promotions whether it’s bad film quality, or just lack of film in general. It can be daunting to find, and even if you find it, what exactly are