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My oh my, things certainly have changed in a matter of a few short weeks. There is quite a bit of moving parts to get into this week, and plenty of actionable items to track. Perhaps the biggest news of the week centers around the most important position in the game.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week wasn't even in regards to free agency. Tom Brady ($16.63) announced Sunday night that he was unretiring a mere 40 days after posting his original retirement. This is a huge boost back to Mike Evans ($11.47), and Chris Godwin ($10.52). At the time of writing this article, neither Leonard Fournette ($11.24) nor Ronald Jones ($0.26) has resigned from Tampa Bay. This creates a buying window for Keyshawn Vaughn ($4.45) as he is currently the only running back under contract for the upcoming season and was a third-round pick just two seasons ago. I do fully expect to see Rob Gronkowski ($5.94) resign in the next day or so to continue the budding bromance.

Russell Wilson ($10.95) is another quarterback that made headlines over the past week after being shipped off to Denver.  Wilson now finds himself in Denver with Courtland Sutton ($1.20), Jerry Jeudy ($1.66), and Javonte Williams ($5.05). It's interesting in that Wilson is moving on from a run-heavy Seattle team to a team in Denver with perhaps the most hyped running back in dynasty football. I'm curious to see how this offense shakes out, based on what we've heard over the last year I'd expect this offense to rely more upon the pass than the run. While many will flock to Jerry Jeudy after the news, I'm still heavily interested in Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick ($2.12).

For every highlight, we also must have a lowlight. Carson Wentz ($3.15) is headed to the Washington Commanders and will be playing for his third team in as many years. Wentz by most statistics wasn't terrible last season, tossing 27 touchdowns while only throwing 7 interceptions. However, this is quite the downgrade in talent for Wentz. Wentz will have to hope Terry McLaurin ($1.03) can be the productive wide receiver we saw in his rookie season. While no one is going to compare Antonio Gibson ($2.75) to Jonathan Taylor ($11.53), Wentz is likely going to be handing the ball off less this season. As he faces a downgrade at the running back position. Overall, this is a make-or-break season for Carson Wentz. Can he recapture his MVP caliber season, or was it a magical one-hit wonder? I tend to believe it's the latter.

Another big name who hasn't been traded yet, but will soon, is Deshaun Watson ($14.55). Watson has lots of baggage to answer for, but he is going to be moved for a hefty haul in the coming hours, and where he goes will be of utmost importance. I believe this is a one-horse race with the New Orleans Saints, but the Carolina Panthers are reportedly in consideration. The talent level in New Orleans appears to be higher than that of Carolina, and pairing Watson with Michael Thomas ($10.28) and Marquez Callaway ($1.11) with Alvin Kamara ($8.49) could be one of the best offenses Watson has played for. Another name to keep an eye out for should Watson signs in New Orleans is Will Fuller ($4.88) who I think would be a great scheme and personnel fit for this team if he chooses to sign with Watson wherever he goes (health be damned).

Besides all of the quarterback movement via trades and unretirement, free agency is in full swing this week. Mitchell Trubisky ($1.00) somehow was the headline of the action yesterday afternoon as he heads to the Pittsburgh Steelers to succeed Ben Roethlisberger. I don't believe Trubisky is as bad as he was made out to be in Chicago, but I also don't believe this is going to be a franchise-altering move for the Steelers. Perhaps the worst beneficiary of this signing is Chase Claypool ($2.46), who again is going to struggle with consistent quarterback accuracy. Claypool relies upon his deep ball separation, and the deep ball isn't something I think Trubisky is gifted at. I don't believe this signing rules Pittsburgh out of drafting a long-term franchise guy this coming April either.

Outside of all the quarterback movement, we haven't seen too much outside of the position move the needle for me. Perhaps the biggest signing of the day was twofold with Chase Edmonds ($1.34) signing in Miami, he has now cleared the way for James Conner ($2.90) to be the bell cow for Arizona this coming season. They very well could draft another player in April, but Conner appears to be locked in as the lead back this coming season and is quite the bargain.

In terms of wide receivers, we're still waiting to see where Allen Robinson ($1.93) among others lands. As of now, the Jaguars appear to be the team most interested in the pass catchers in this offering. The Jaguars signed Evan Engram ($2.26), Christian Kirk ($3.44), and Zay Jones ($2.04). It's interesting to note the Jaguars were paying above-market prices on just about all three as well. It remains to be seen if Trevor Lawrence is as good as we all thought he was, or if all of these weapons are going to fail miserably again for Jacksonville.


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