What is PredictionStrike?

Welcome! Either you just signed up for PredictionStrike, or you’re considering it. You’re on the right track, and this blog post will help get you where you need to go. Let’s start with one very important question you might have:

What is PredictionStrike?

PredictionStrike is the world’s first sports stock exchange. It’s a platform where you can buy/sell shares of your favorite athletes, create portfolios, and make real money.

Your next question is probably “How do the stocks move?

That’s a good question. Prices are determined by a player’s projected output over the course of the season in which they IPO, relative to their peers. Then, going forward from the IPO date, the stocks move in two ways: 

  1. Based on whether or not they beat their projections. If LeBron is projected to score 40 fantasy points tonight, but instead he scores 50… his stock price will go up. If instead he scores 30… his price will go down.
  2. Based on whether or not other users are buying/selling. Are people trying to get as many LeBron shares as possible? If so, the stock will become more expensive. Are people selling all their LeBron shares? If so, the stock will become cheaper.

… Makes sense, right? Right. Glad to hear it. You can always check back at the FAQ and How It Works section on our website/app. But now that you understand how it works, I’m assuming you might ask –

Why would I buy shares of your favorite athletes?

Well, any number of reasons. Maybe you just really, really like a player. Maybe you just want to be a part of that player’s journey, and you want to be able to plant your flag and announce to the world that you believe in that player. Maybe you just want to make money. Maybe you KNOW that xyz player is way better than the media, than your friends, than their peers are giving them credit for. And maybe you know that if you buy their stock, it’ll end up rising, and you’ll end up richer.

Wait, this is super cool. How’d you come up with this? And who are you?

Thanks! The story is simple actually… the two cofounders, Brad and Deven (who have been best friends since childhood), were texting one morning about two things: 1) they had both lost some amount of money in the stock market that day, and 2) how awesome LeBron James had been in the previous night’s playoff game. These conversations merged into one – why can’t we just put our money in LeBron?

Okay, I’m sold? Nice. What’s next?

Create an account, deposit whatever amount you’re comfortable with, and start trading! You’ll never be forced to sell or cash out. You can buy that rookie’s stock today, and sell when they retire if you don’t want to keep it around like a collectible. 

What’s next for PredictionStrike? Why should I stick around for the long-haul?

Frankly, we were waiting for you to ask this. This is being written in August 2021 – pretty soon, you’ll be able to trade UFC athletes, and not long after that, MLB, European Soccer, and NCAA athletes, with more to come. We’ll also be onboarding leagues, organizations, and athletes in partnership capacities. We’ll be giving athletes access to a portion of their market cap, so that they have something to gain as the PredictionStrike platform grows. Not only is the right thing to do, but we believe it will create an authentic relationship between fans and athletes, and give both parties a way to engage with each other in a way that has never before existed.

Even more importantly, we’re building PredictionStrike to be the center point for the fan/athlete relationship. In the not-too-distant future, sports news will be accompanied by stock prices, and any time a fan hears something about an athlete, their first thought will be “How does this affect my portfolio?” That’s what’s next for PredictionStrike, and for you, the sports fan.


  1. Wow! I finally joined. Seems like I had a previous account. I'm In! How about NFTs as prizes for Leagues??/



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