Insider Trading: Philadelphia Eagles Trading Tips w. Thomas Petersen!


Good morning, everyone. Rise and shine! Maybe it’s just me, but knowing football is on tonight makes the first cup of coffee taste that much better. We have had some really good Thursday Night Football games lately, and tonight should be no different when the Eagles and Buccaneers kick it off. We have discussed the Buccaneers a ton in these newsletters, so I want to focus our attention to the other side of the ball, and shed some light on the Philadelphia Eagles. What better way to inform the people, then with an Eagles rendition of Insider Trading!

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Alright, now that we got some housekeeping out of the way, it is my pleasure to introduce you to this week's insider. Reporting on all things football in the City of Brotherly Love, please welcome Thomas Petersen! Thomas eats, sleeps, and breathes Eagles football, and you can tell by his attention to detail, and top of the line breakdowns. If you are an Eagles fan, or want to learn a thing or two about football in general, I strongly urge you to check out his YouTube channel “Breaking the Birds.” Here, Thomas breaks down Eagle’s game film and educates the masses on all the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Philly football. His work has been featured on Bleacher Report, The Philly Voice, and The NFL Network, and now he can add “As seen on Insider Trading” into his portfolio. Above all else, make sure to follow Thomas on Twitter, @thomasrp93 to find all of his work. Now, let's talk Eagles!

ALEX: Hey Thomas, first question. The Bucs have a formidable front line, making rushing the ball a fool's errand. Conversely, the Bucs secondary is… well, bad. If you want to beat the Bucs, you have to air out the football. On the Eagles side of the ball, we have seen rookie WR DeVonta Smith (+3%, $5.16/share) explode onto the scene through the first 5 weeks of the season. Are you expecting a massive night for Smith tonight, or do you have an eye on another receiver?

THOMAS:  DeVonta Smith SHOULD be the focal point of the offense. He is consistently open regardless of defensive scheme so far, has the best hands on the team, and has proven he is inches (read: fewer penalties) away from having multiple TD games. Quez Watkins (+1%, $1.22/share) is another guy we should see more of, and as he continues to make big plays for the Eagles, Hurts should start looking his way more often too.

ALEX: Dallas Goedert (-12%, $4.92/share) has been placed on the Covid-19 list and has been ruled out for tonight’s game. Does this make Zach Ertz (-15%, $1.25/share) a must-buy stock for tonight?

THOMAS:  No, I wouldn't assume Ertz will have a significantly bigger role despite Goedert being out. There are still many weapons to spread the ball to, and Ertz hasn't shown anything so far that tells me the offensive plan should and/or will center around him.

ALEX: If you follow “fantasy Twitter” you know Kenny Gainwell (-15%, $3.91/share) has been discussed at nauseam. He is discussed as if he is the next best thing, but consistency seems to be a major issue. He is either smashing his projections, or missing them terribly. Do you think Gainwell is a stock worth investing in, and why?

THOMAS: Gainwell will always have a massive upside in PPR formats (like PredictionStrike) because of his obvious talent in the passing game. He can and will line up all over the field, but with Sanders (-4%, $0.81/share) still in the mix, he'll probably be reliable and consistent. He is more of a weekly "boom" or bust.

ALEX: As an insider and a diehard fan, you know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. You know about all the pros on offense, but you also know the flaws on defense. What position group do you think the Bucs can take advantage of, and in turn, who do you think will be a buy worthy stock on the Bucs offense?

THOMAS:  The Eagles play a ton of zone coverage, and their LBs are not good. Look for the Bucs to exploit that with a lot of play action and misdirection to create confusion with the LBs and hit crossers and seams in the middle.

ALEX: Evergreen question. If you had to invest everything into one player on PredictionStrike, who would it be and why? Feel free to pick an Eagles player, but you can pick from anyone in the NFL or NBA.

THOMAS: Honestly, I would probably put my stock in Jalen Hurts (+3%, $1.97/share). Not that he's necessarily going to be a star in the NFL, and may not even be the long term answer for the Eagles, but he continues to produce fantasy points because of his playmaking ability on the ground and through the air. If he continues to develop throughout the season, he can become an even more productive fantasy player.

There you have it! A look inside the Eagles from one of the best in the business. Remember, if you want more Eagles content, make sure to follow Thomas @thomasrp93. Thomas, thanks again for the time, and I hope you get an Eagles win tonight. Well, at least a couple touchdowns from DeVonta Smith (I now own shares.) Everyone, enjoy the game tonight, go buy some NBA rookies today, and report back here first thing in the morning for a lottery rookie IPO report. Until then...

Happy trading,

Alex True


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