Stocks to Target this NFL Sunday 10/24

I said it last week and I'll say it again - If I know one thing, its that no one likes to be bothered on Sundays, so we’ll keep this quick. Let's talk about the most exciting games of the day and how they relate to our favorite stocks and our green portfolios.

The 1pm EST Slate

Can the Titans pull of another marquee AFC upset? The Chiefs looked like they FINALLY heated up in the second half of the game against WFT last week, outscoring Washington 21-0. If the Titans are going to slow them down, they’ll have to make up for having lost CB Caleb Farley, their first round pick, in last week’s game. On the offensive end, we know they’ll have to let Derrick Henry (+20%, $39.74/share) run wild. Henry has been on a tear this season, +88%, and we KNOW that since the Chiefs haven’t been able to stop anyone… it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stop Henry of all people. Henry will have some help on the offensive end though, with AJ Brown (+3%, $2.10/share) up +8% since clearing up those injuries and the connection between QB/WRs finally looking a bit better. On the Chiefs end, they’ll have to keep slinging the ball, since CEH (-15%, $2.14/share), however good/bad you think he’s been, likely won’t be available. Darrel Williams (+21%, $2.00/share) stepped up, and looked to be a perfect fit, so all’s not lost. Knowing the Titans have had CB problem, it could be a good week for Tyreek Hill (+2%, $15.70/share) to build on his +10% stock rise all season, but it’s also National Tight End Day, so if you’re into that kind of thing, expect Travis Kelce (-2%, $10.69/share to bounce back from a measly -2% drop last week!

  • Lamar Jackson (-12%, $7.38/share) is 5-0 against the Bengals, but Joe Burrow (+5%, $7.24/share) has led his team to a 4-2 they haven’t known in a while, so it’s anyone’s game.
  • Washington’s passing defense is by far its worst look, giving up 317 pass YDs per game, per Zone Coverage. Need I say more as they go against the Packers? Aaron Rodgers (+6%, $11.50/share) has been cooking, and the kitchen’s the best type of crowded… enter Lazard (+17%, $2.20/share), MVS (+16%, $0.98/share), Adams (-10%, $10.11/share).
  • With Tua (0%, $3.94/share) back, we’re watching the Jaylen Waddle (+32%, $5.80/share) rise CLOSELY. We’re also looking forward to Kyle Pitts (+26%, $5.17/share) riding his momentum after a nice rest during the bye week.
  • Sam Darnold (-4%, $3.80) returns to New York… wait, wrong team. The Giants are in an injured disarray, and the Panthers should get to 4-2 swimmingly.
  • Honestly, we’re just expecting Mac Jones (-.43%, $2.68/share) to pick up where Tom Brady (-4%, $19.51/share) left off against the NYJ.


The 4pm EST Slate

The Raiders pulled it together last week after they got rid of the coach they apparently hated, and the Eagles are coming off an extended rest, having played last Thursday instead of Sunday. Opposing offenses have LOVED to run the ball against the Eagles – more than any other team in the league (per The Eagles Wire). Josh Jacobs (+6%, $1.59/share) and Kenyan Drake (+66%, $5.59/share) could be primed for a ton of touches, but while they’ll have the Carr (+8%, $8.37/share) – Waller (-8%, $4.38/share) – Ruggs (+21%, $2.22/share) connection to fall back on, the Eagles are going to need Miles Sanders (-5%, $0.85/share) and Kenny Gainwell (-15%, $3.32/share) to dial it up and get the offense into a higher gear if they want to win.

  • Stafford (+6%, $6.15/share) will likely crush his former team, but for the sake of the memes, we’re hoping Goff (-12%, $1.93/share) at least makes it interesting. The Lions might be 0-6, but most of the games have at least been entertaining… even if that means heartbreaking for Detroit fans.
  • Running the ball has been keeping the Bears afloat, but Tampa has allowed less rushing YDs than any other team this season. It feels like Chicago will have a really hard time scoring in this game, so expect the Bucs to go up early, and ride Fournette (+29%, $7.51/share), RoJo (-6%, $0.29/share), and Gio Bernard (-15%, $1.01/share) to a comfortable win.
  • They’re facing who? The Texans? Cardinals remain undefeated, and Hopkins (+7%, $5.53/share) and Kirk (+22%, $4.25/share) keep on soaring.

The 8pm EST Slate

And for the 8pm Prime Time game… we have the Colts, at 2-4… vs. the 49ers, at 2-3. It looks like Jimmy G (0%, $2.34/share) will start for the 49ers, so unfortunately we don’t get to enjoy the rookie hype with Trey Lance (-5%, $5.39/share). It’s supposed to downpour for this game, so temper your expectations accordingly. The Colts typically commit to stopping the run, and they generally have a problem guarding the pass. Kittle (-10%, $4.72/share) still won’t be in the lineup, so we’re looking at Deebo Samuel (-1%, $3.12/share) to have a big game. His average depth of target has been a modest 8.6 yards this year, per, and if the weather is bad, and the recipe is 1) don’t throw far cause of rain, 2) don’t run cause of Colts rush defense… well, you get the point. On the other side, if you’re not already on the Jonathan Taylor (+16%, $7.26/share) hype train, its time. The Colts will have no choice but to run the ball, since even if the weather was beautiful, its just not in the cards for Wentz (-.4%, $4.76/share), and Taylor will be well positioned to improve on his +26% stock rise since the beginning of the season. Parris Campbell (+25%, $0.99/share) should continue to impress, too – so don’t take your eyes off of him.

Quick and to the point! Hope this helps puts some of these games into a good perspective for your portfolio, and hope you enjoy what's bound to be an exciting day.

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