Derrick Henry Only Goes Up, plus Cardinals & Cowboys WRs Gone Wild

When you turn on NFL Redzone, do you want to see commercials? No? Just football? Heard. Let's get into it:

Bills vs. Titans:

Are you not entertained?! The Titans pulled off a stunning upset, tackling Josh Allen (+6%, $18.85/share) on 4th & 1 from the 3 YD line, already up 3 with 3:05 to play. Shortly after, Derrick Henry (+20%, $39.72/share), who rushed for XX and C TDs throughout the game, ran for maybe the most important 13 YDs of the night, sealing the outcome. Earlier in the night he had a beautiful 76 YD TD run, signaling that Josh Allen maybe shouldn’t be the only MVP candidate on the field… after all, he is up +88% on the season, the most out of almost any blue chip stock. In all seriousness though, this is a great win for the Titans, but not a terrible loss for the Bills. Their guys played great – Allen +6%, Beasley +20%, Diggs +6%, Sanders +3%... If the blocking went just slightly better on that last play, we’d be singing a different tune.

Cowboys vs. Patriots:

Entering the 4th Q, the Cowboys were up 17-14. Then… the money was made. Dallas scored another 12, New England another 15, sending the game to OT… in which Dak (+10%, $10.29/share) threw the most important 35 YDs of his 445 total, connecting with CeeDee (+35%, $6.09/share) for the game winning TD. Damien Harris (+22%, $0.83/share) and Kendrick Bourne (+22%, $4.43/share) both had what might have been the defining games of their thus-far Patriot careers, but an OT loss setting them at 0-4 in Foxboro had to dampen the spirits. Mac Jones (0%, $2.66/share) ended the day flat, with his INT setting back any gains shareholders might have made, but he overall had a solid performance – 229 passing YDs, 2 passing TDs, and the best QB rating he’s had as a pro with a 118.95.

Cardinals vs. Browns:

Kyler Murray (+6%, $7.27/share) threw 4 TDs in a beatdown of the Browns, 2 of which DeAndre Hopkins (+7%, $5.53/share) reeled in, with 1 a piece to each of Christian Kirk (+22%, $4.25/share) and AJ Green (+24%, $1.77/share). Maybe it was the 20-0 lead that sealed the Browns’ fate, but more likely… it was the slew of injuries this team has had to deal with. Kareem Hunt (-6%, $14.62/share) – who was up +88% on the season before this game – was carted off the field in the 4th in a calf injury that’s reportedly not achilles-related. Odell (+1%, $1.57/share) left the game briefly with a shoulder issue, and Baker (-6%, $6.37/share), despite staying in most of the game, had a sling on his shoulder during media afterwards… at least partially the reason for his two fumbles and single interception. The only bright side? Donovan Peoples-Jones (+79%, $0.72/share) was able to capitalize on the madness his team faced, and pulled in 101 receiving YDs for 2 TDs, rewarding shareholders to the tune of a +79% gain! Chubb (0%, $8.74/share) remains out until further notice, but since he’s not been ruled out for Thursday’s game, keep an eye on his price if he plays and Kareem doesn’t.

Raiders vs. Broncos:

Call it whatever you want, we’re calling it the post-Gruden bump. The Raiders looked like the Raiders of Weeks 1-3, when they were on pace to set offensive records, instead of the Raiders of Weeks 4-5, who’s play on the field was reflective of the dysfunction and commotion going on in the front office. Derek Carr (+8%, $8.37/share) threw for 341 YDs and 2 TDs and said afterwards that Gruden’s firing brought the rest of the team together. If rumors can be believed… the players might have hated him. Kenyan Drake (+66%, $5.59/share) played like it was Christmas morning, notching a +66% performance, and Henry Ruggs III (+21%, $2.22/share) like it was his birthday, notching a +21% performance. Even if these two weren’t just ecstatic about the HC vacancy, the Broncos couldn’t do anything with Vegas’ run game, since Josh Jacobs (+6%, $1.59/share) and Bryan Edwards (+4%, $0.80/share) both provided their shareholders meaningful alpha as well. If it was a less joyous occasion for the Raiders, the Broncos might have stood a better change. Besides, Teddy B (+3%, $2.10/share) had an impressive 334 passing YDs and 3 TDs… it was just simply negated by 3 INTs and a fumble, to go along with 5 sacks that may or may not have been on him. Both Noah Fant (+27%, $0.87/share) and Courtland Sutton (+15%, $4.85/share) did their part, so Broncos fans and shareholders alike can only imagine what it’d be like if there was a more stable QB at the helm…

Other Notables:

  • Rams vs. Giants couldn’t have been more one-sided if the Rams wished it that way. Sterling Shepard (+14%, $6.18/share) was the only silver lining for a Saquon-less Giants with a banged-up Daniel Jones (-15%, $0.95/share). Stafford (+6%, $6.13/share) & Kupp (+18%, $7.95/share) re-upped on their connection after a bit of a dip last week, and Darrell Henderson (+15%, $2.22/share) finally showed some of what all the pre-season hype expected of him as the Rams went on to win 38-11.
  • With Tua (0%, $3.94/share) back, Jaylen Waddle (+32%, $5.79/share) rejoiced, and ended the game having gifted shareholders a +32% gain. He dropped to $4.40/share after the Tampa Bay game, but if we can trust Tua to be back in action comfortably, we can expect Waddle to keep cooking.
  • Khalil Herbert (+26%, $1.43/share) was Twitter’s favorite PredictionStrike buy and fantasy pick-up last week, and with David Montgomery (0%, $0.96/share) on IR, Herbert got the start and rushed for 97 YDs and a TD, scoring on the Bears’ opening drive. He would have had a second TD, had it not been called back…
  • The Steelers may have gotten the win, but an ugly OT win due to a Geno Smith (-7%, $0.94/share) fumble probably isn’t one they’ll tell their kids about too many times. Still, Najee Harris (+8%, $9.41/share) was a beacon of hope for Pittsburgh, notching his second scoring TD of the season to go along with 83 rushing YDs. He’s up +32% on season, and +55% since his season low point after Game 1… since which all he’s done is rise.
  • Over the past 3 weeks, Jonathan Taylor (+16%, $7.26/share) is up +52%, is 1st in the league in total YDs with 441, and 5th in the league in TDs, with 5. Even better? Last November, his stock was as low as $2.15/share… at $7.26/share today, that’s a 238% gain. Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos better move over cause JT is SOARING to the moon right now.

That's all we got. Thanks for joining us and for reading all the way to the bottom. Hope you made some money this week and had fun doing it. And as usual... DOWNLOAD THE APP at the link below! Then, send this link to a friend, and you'll BOTH receive free shares when they deposit of $20 or more:

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