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Good morning, everyone! Welcome to another edition of Insider Trading. Ben “The Bane” Davis crushed it last week with his expert intel, so I hope you listened closely to his recommendations! This week is a massive PPV week, so we are bringing out the big guns. I have asked Kyle Miller from Never Hedge to grace us today and give us all the info we need to properly invest ahead of tonight's card. I asked him to introduce himself to everyone, so welcome Kyle, and get ready to make some money!

Hey everyone, I’m Kyle Miller with NeverHedge media. We put out MMA handicapping/ fantasy sports content on YouTube, substack and tiktok. We also run an MMA discord where we have the best MMA community on the internet. It’s a great place to get information about upcoming fights, discuss bets and even watch the fights with the community! I’m looking forward to helping you make good investments before UFC 276. Let’s get started.

Alex: This card is a PredictionStrike investors dream come true. Top to bottom, great fights, and even better investments. The main card is STACKED, but let’s get started on the prelims. Anyone in particular you feel like is a great investment?

Kyle: Right away there were three names that stuck out to me on the prelims as great investments, Andre Muniz ($1.78), Jalin Turner ($1.18) and Gabe Green ($.97). All three are cheaper than they should be and all three have a great chance of winning this weekend. Of the three that stood out Andre Muniz is your best investment. Yes, he is the most expensive, but he has the best path to an early finish out of the bunch. I’ll be investing in a bunch of Muniz shares going into fight night.

Alex: I asked Ben this last week, and he nailed it, so I figure I’ll run it back. As we all know, finishes give stocks a bonus, which means more money for finishes. Less money for decisions. Can you give us two fighters on this card that you think should finish his/her opponent inside the distance? Don’t pick either of the main events, have a questions specifically about them next.

Kyle: As I said early I think Muniz has a very clear path to a submission victory, but this card has so many killers that I’ll give you two more who I think will finish this weekend. We’ll go with Jim Miller ($1.33) and Sean O’Malley ($2.63). Both guys always go for the kill.

Alex: There aren’t many words you can hear Bruce Buffer say in the octagon that makes you  as excited as “And New.” This of course is in conjunction with the crowning of a new champion. We have two opportunities to hear Bruce say those sweet words at UFC 276 if Holloway ($5.76) or Cannonier ($5.65) pull off the upsets. Who do you think has the best shot to have his hand raised, and why?

Kyle: Oof, this is a tough one. I’ve been waiting to fade Adesanya for a while now. I really think he’s one of the most flawed champions the UFC has right now, but this is not the fight. Canonnier doesn’t have the striking or wrestling chops to give him enough problems. Max always has a chance. He arguably won the first two fights, but I’m saying Volk pulls it off again. I think Volk has more tools in the tool bag. Max does seem fired up for this fight and he always comes out ready to bang. If we are hearing and new it will be Max Holloway.

Alex: Savvy investors know that the real money is made on PredictionStrike when you buy stocks weeks for the long haul and ride the volume hype train to a sizable profit. Are there any fights coming up in the next month or so that have you losing sleep with anticipation?

Kyle: I’ve said it a bunch of times now, so my NeverHedge guys know this already, but Caio Borralho ($0.96) and Jailton Almeida ($1.80) are my two guys that I am just dumping money into. Caio fights next week and Jailton Fights in September. I think both guys can end up being future champs.

Alex: Awesome intel Kyle! Thank you so much for joining us this morning! Where can the readers find your work, and get themselves ready for UFC 276, and events down the road?

Kyle: Thanks for having me! You can find me at all the following links.

  • Twitter - @NeverHedge
  • YouTube -
  • Discord -
  • Substack -

There we have it folks! Another successful Insider Trading article in the books.  Make sure to join the Never Hedge Discord, check out the YouTube content, and follow Kyle on Twitter.  He just gave us all great nuggets for tonight’s events, but don’t forget to check him out for your investment research down the road! Thank you once again Kyle, and I look forward to having you join us on Insider Trading at another date! Alright everyone, MMA isn’t the only thing heating up this week. MLB action might be slow and steady, but the money is coming in hot and heavy! And let's not forget NBA free agency! Between the rookies finding homes, and vets finding new homes, we have investment opportunities galore. We will be discussing that next week, so get excited. Good luck tonight everyone, and enjoy one of the best cards I have seen in a while.

Happy investing,

Alex True


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