Insider Trading, Edition #1: Josh Carney, Indianapolis Colts

Happy Friday, PredictionStrike family! Today I'm happy to introduce you to the Insider Trading article. It will be a standalone weekly article that could potentially change the way we trade stocks this NFL season. If you missed the premise of the article in our most recent Blue Chips & Penny Stock newsletter, let me give you a quick explanation. With each article, I will introduce you readers to a league insider, following a specific team. The team and insider will be determined based on the national news headlines, and we can hopefully use their treasure trove of knowledge to make savvy, and most importantly, profitable, PredictionStrike portfolio investments.

Earlier this week, I sat down and thought, which team is catching the most national headlines this week, and what training camp situations can we profit off the most? One team naturally came to mind. The Indianapolis Colts. You should know by now that their “prized” offseason pickup Carson Wentz ($4.31/share) injured his foot in training camp, which resulted in surgery, and being on the shelf for 5-12 weeks. This was a major blow to the Colts, who had high expectations for a Carson Wentz/Frank Reich reunion tour, but in true Wentz fashion, he hurt himself and now the future is up in the air.

As investors, our job is to figure out how we take this information and turn it into big green money signs. To help answer these exact questions, we turn to someone who eats, sleeps, and breaths Colts Football, Mr. Josh Carney! Josh knows more about the Colts than most people know about their own spouses, so you should take what he says as gospel. Hopefully these couple questions will answer any doubts you have about the Colts, and could make yourself some serious money along the way. If you want more content like this, follow Josh on Twitter @ByJoshCarney, or read his plethora of Colts related articles on You can also find Josh and his co-host Jake Arthur on their podcast, “The Horseshoe Guys,” where they talk about all things competitive horseshoes. Oh, I am hearing that’s a totally different podcast. “The Horseshoe Guy,” which you can find on Apple Podcasts, and other popular podcast forums, is all about Colts football. If you are interested in diving deeper into any of the following questions, I strongly suggest giving it a listen. So, without further ado, I give you Insider Trading tips, from our Colts Insider, Josh Carney.

Alex: Let’s address the elephant in the room; Carson Wentz. The man can’t stay healthy, and is reported to miss 5-12 weeks, undergoing foot surgery. We never celebrate injury at PredictionStrike, but it’s always a profitable strategy if you can find the person or people that will benefit most from unexpected opportunities. You follow the team as close as anyone, so who better to ask?! Is there a quarterback on this roster that savvy PredictionStrike users should be buying going into the 2021 season? If not, who do you think the Colts will trade for/pick up in free agency?

Josh: I would continue to buy Jacob Eason ($1.01/share) stock if I can. Though he hasn't taken a single NFL snap to date, the organization continues to believe in him and the obvious traits that he has. When Frank Reich speaks, you tend to believe him wholeheartedly, and he's fully backing Eason. I can't see the Colts adding a veteran outside of the room anytime soon. Along with Eason, buy stock on Sam Ehlinger ($1.00/share). This guy is much further along than anyone could have expected. He doesn't have a great arm, but he's incredibly football smart, reads defenses very well and has a great feel for touch and anticipation.

Alex: When news broke that Wentz was going to miss time, my attention turned towards sophomore running back, Jonathan Taylor ($5.76/share). Naturally, the absence of Wentz should have meant more usage for Taylor. Unfortunately for everyone, the injury bug is running rampant around Colts training camp, and all-star guard Quinton Nelson is undergoing the exact same surgery Wentz is having, and is expected to miss 5-12 weeks. Should Nelson’s injury give Taylor stockholders worry? If so, is there someone else we should be targeting instead?

Josh: I wouldn't worry so much about Jonathan Taylor. From the sounds of it, many are jumping off the bandwagon, but I wouldn't just yet. The Colts have a great run scheme and Frank Reich is a masterful play caller that can get defenses off balance and scheme up big plays. Taylor is an elite-level talent and the Colts still have really good offensive lineman at center, right guard and right tackle. Plus, backup left guard Chris Reed is no slouch of his own. I expect no real noticeable drop in the run game with Nelson out.

Alex: Last question, and your answer can be anyone in the league, not just on the Colts! If you had to risk it all, and invest every dollar in your portfolio into ONE PredictionStrike stock for the upcoming season, who would it be, and why?

Josh: I will go WAY off the board here: I love Minnesota rookie running back Kene Nwangwu ($1.00/share). He's so darn fast, catches the ball really well and feels like a perfect compliment to Dalvin Cook ($18.29/share). Cook is a guy who has had a heavy workload the last two years and historically can't make it through the season with health, so Nwangwu is a great buy-low option. He has all the tools necessary in the backfield and is in a great situation in Minnesota.

Well there you have it folks! Short, sweet, and incredibly informative! I wholeheartedly believe the best way to get quality information is to go straight to the source, and Josh definitely delivered! I know one thing, I will be buying some shares of Kene Nwangwu before the season officially starts. Odds are, he is going to shine in the pre-season games with no Dalvin Cook competing for touches, so buy now before everyone jumps on the bandwagon! I want to thank you all for reading today, and I want to thank Josh especially for taking some time to help with the article! Remember to follow Josh on socials, and show the podcast, The Horseshoe Guys, some love with a listen for all things Colts related. Remember, an informed investor is a profitable investor. Blue Chips and Penny Stocks will be back next Friday, where we will break down some NBA rookies, and keep an eye on those inboxes for next week's Insider Trading. Until then...  

Happy Trading!

Alex True


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