Blue Chips & Penny Stocks: SIX, Count 'Em, SIX Stock Picks

BCPS faithful, rejoice! It’s that time again! Welcome one and all to another edition of the Blue Chips and Penny Stocks article! I know you've all been clamoring for the article to make it’s return, and I heard you loud and clear! Now that we have actual content to report on, I will be bringing you TWO articles a week. Blue Chips and Penny Stocks will still be your go to source on Friday mornings, getting you ready for Sunday NFL action, while Insider Trading will be a bit more sporadic schedule wise. No worries though, you’ll be able to get both on! I suggest you keep your eyes open on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for article drops. That is twice the info, twice the entertainment, and most importantly, twice the earnings! (hopefully). I know we haven’t had a BCPS article in a while, so there is a chance we have some first timers. Let me give you a mini run down of what we have to offer. Each week in the Blue Chips and Penny Stocks article, I will highlight two types of stocks. We will discuss Blue Chip stocks, which are your household names that even your grandma knows about, and Penny stocks, which are your low risk, high reward stocks that can make or break your portfolios. Not all “penny stock” players will literally cost “pennies,” but you get the idea. Today we are going to focus solely on penny stocks. Usually we just focus on one or two players, but considering we are only six days away from Thursday night kickoff, I will give you SIX players to add to the portfolio. We have a lot to go over, so let's jump right in.

Antonio Brown ($5.71/share): WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I guess we pick right back up where we left off. The last time we discussed a meaningful football game, Antonio Brown was the center of the discussion. That game was Super Bowl LV, and real ones know how that ended for Antonio shareholders. Now, before anyone gets all upset about how Brown isn’t technically a “Penny Stock,” I hear you, but just go along with it, and really think about what makes a penny stock, a penny stock. If I was to write about the Jets or Bears third receiving option, then you would have no qualms with me calling them a penny stock. Just because the Buc’s offense is stacked, and just because Antonio is most likely a first ballot hall of famer, doesn’t mean he doesn’t qualify to be a “Penny Stock.”

Ok, ok I admit. Calling him a Penny Stock is probably a stretch, but he is one of my favorite stocks to own for the first couple weeks of the season, so I have to find an excuse to get him in the first article of the season! The reasons are endless. I can go on and on about how the Buc’s started off slow last season, and how this season will be different because it's Tom Brady's second year in the system, and how they had a full offseason to work together, and it’s basically the exact same offense as last year, and they will only build off what they started last season.. yada yada ya…. In reality, this is just based around one major trend. If you followed BCPS last season, you know there is one tried and true angle I love to attack. Rule Number One: Always, and I mean ALWAYS buy shares in wide receivers playing the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has the chance to be historically bad on defense again this season, especially in the secondary. Dallas focused its free agency and draft on defensive weapons, but this is Week 1. They simply aren’t ready, and they are playing against the reigning Super Bowl Champs for Pete’s sake. Tampa might hang 50+ on Dallas, and I want to be in on the action! I wrote about Antonio Brown twice last season, so if you need any more reason to invest, I suggest going back into the archives. If you don’t have time for all that, just do yourself a favor, buy stock for at least the first quarter of the season. Your portfolio will thank you.

Jonnu Smith ($6.63/share): TE, New England Patriots

I have seen people on Fantasy Twitter and different fantasy football articles talking negatively about Jonnu Smith, saying he’s a casualty of “too many mouths to feed with uncertain QB play.” A week ago I could see maybe the second part of the argument, but ever since Cam Newton ($5.93/share) was cut, and Mac Jones ($3.40/share) was named the starter, I think the argument holds no water. With Mac Jones behind center, Jonnu skyrockets up my TE board, and becomes a sought-after stock on PredictionStrike. Sure, the Patriots added to the WR core, but it’s still mediocre at best. Jonnu has a legitimate chance to lead the Patriots in receptions this season, and I am all about it. Think poor man's Travis Kelce ($12.06/share). Tight ends are my go-to targets on PredictionStrike as many of you already know, and Jonnu is a perfect example. Tight Ends tend to get low projections, especially in this case where he will line up with another quality TE in Hunter Henry ($0.90/share). For Jonnu Smith, Low Projections+High Potential Production=$$$. If I had to guess, Smith will be a perfect security blanket for Mac Jones for the first couple weeks. Buy stock for week one, actively keep an eye on him, and adjust your position accordingly.

Sammy Watkins ($1.34/share): WR, Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are the most run heavy team in the entire NFL. Sammy Watkins is extremely injury prone. He is not a player you should trust for the long term, especially on PredictionStrike. Watkins, for all intents and purposes, is a disappointment, especially considering he was selected as the number one WR in the 2014 draft over players like Davante Adams ($10.76/share), Mike Evans ($7.78/share), OBJ ($2.06/share), Jarvis Landry ($10.59/share), and Brandin Cooks ($3.47/share). Why is he on this list then? As the saying goes, “The best ability is availability.” The fact of the matter is, the Ravens are in some serious trouble when it comes to injuries. We all know about JK Dobbins ($5.27/share) by now, but do you know about the receiving core? The Ravens had to place Miles Boykin ($.07/share) and rookie Rashod Bateman ($4.11/share) on the IR, and will miss at least the first  three weeks of the season. That leaves the WR room pretty slim. Watkins will, unfortunately, inevitably get injured, but I think he has a chance to shine before doing so. The simple fact is the Ravens will have to score points to win football games. Lamar can’t run on every single play, just ask the ghost of RGIII. Mark Andrews ($4.87/share) will get doubled, defenses will stack the box against the run, and Hollywood Brown ($1.95/share) is a one trick pony going deep. Watkins has to step up in the flat. I am pinching my nose, closing my eyes, and buying shares of Watkins before week one kicks off. Fingers crossed Lamar finally learned how to throw a tight spiral in the offseason.

Boston Scott ($1.63/share): RB, Philadelphia Eagles

I usually advise to stay far far away from running backs that run in a committee, but Boston Scott has a chance to be a PredictionStrike darling all season long. If reports out of camp, and if the preseason games have been any indication of what's to come, then Scott and Miles Sanders ($1.10/share) will be splitting carries in the city of brotherly love. Whereas that's pretty terrible news for Sanders shareholders, it's pretty awesome news for “Scott’s Tots.” Not to mention split time means decreased projections. Typically, when a team has a mobile quarterback like the Eagles have in Jalen Hurts ($1.47/share), the ceiling for the lead back is capped. If Hurts runs it himself, then Miles becomes useless. As for pass catching, Scott is far superior. I personally think the Eagles will be downright bad this season, which means Hurts is going to have to drop back and pass if they want to stay in games. First year coach Nick Siriani will have to trust Jalen to make the right plays, and will throw Boston Scott out there instead of Sanders as an additional weapon to dump off too. If you are like me and think the Eagles will be trailing often in the second half, Boston Scott is a player you want to target.

Zach Wilson ($5.99/share): QB, New York Jets

I am going to keep this one short and sweet. Zach looked like the best quarterback out of all the rookies in the preseason, but nobody is talking about him. Why not? He looked to have a firm grasp on the offense, with offensive weapons he is comfortable throwing to. Expect the coaching staff to have a gameplan for him to come out the gates firing on all cylinders. Since he is a rookie, you have to assume he will have low projections for the first couple weeks. Don’t chase in Week 5 when the projections catch up to him. Buy low, sell high. Simple economics.

Adam Humphries ($5.18/share): WR, Washington Football Team

This might be a bit of a homer pick for me, but I’m going to give it anyway. Adam Humphries will be the third, maybe even fourth option in the newly revamped WFT offense, and working almost exclusively out of the slot. Humphries has been off the fantasy radar for the past couple seasons, but he is primed to return to his 2018 form when he was in Tampa Bay. 2018 was statistically his best season by far with 76 catches, and 816 yards, almost all coming out of the slot. If you are curious who the quarterback was during that stint, look no further than the bearded man throwing him the football this season, Ryan Fitzpatrick ($1.88/share). Fitz and Adam are ready to reunite in the nation’s capital, and pick right back up where they left off. Humphries said in an interview during the pre-season that Fitz was one of the major reasons why he signed with Washington in the first place. I know it's cheesy, but the relationship these two players have shouldn’t go unnoticed. Fitzpatrick is known for keying in on specific receivers he takes a liking to, sometimes for better or for worse. All the better for Humphries, who will be his third down target throughout the season. I can’t imagine Humphries projections being higher than ~7 fpts any given Sunday. This is the absolute sweet spot. If he misses, it won’t be by much, so his stock price won’t move dramatically. If he scores a touchdown, and racks up some catches/yard, then expect a big payday. We call that a “No Brainer” in the industry.

I just gave you six stocks, now you have six days to add them into your portfolio. I know I personally will be adding them later today on the newly updated PredictionStrike app, available in the IOS store! If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, please go right now and do so! I promise you it is well worth the 3 seconds it takes to update. The app is so much more user friendly with tons of new features coming soon! If you have gotten this far in the article, I very much appreciate it, and would very much appreciate a follow on Twitter, @ChipsStocks. If this is your first NFL season, I add buy alerts on Twitter before the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games. I look forward to seeing you there! That is all for this week, and I look forward to seeing you all next week for a brand new Blue Chips and Penny Stocks, and Insider Trading article! Enjoy your last weekend off, because once football starts, it's full steam ahead!

Happy trading,

Alex True


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