PredictionStrike Weekly Update: Week 2 Stocks and Stories

We’re going to try something new today, folks. These Weekly Updates typically hit your inbox with more sports than stocks. More stories than returns. More games than gains. More – you get the point. We figure that at the end of each NFL week, we’ll make this newsletter your go-to spot to get the laundry list on all the biggest gains of the week. There are hundreds and thousands of incredible writers out there that you can go to for eloquent commentary and mind-bending analysis on what’s going on in our favorite sports. But what you can’t get there, we’ll makes sure you have a full dose of here. And that’s all news about the sports stock market. So going forward, this newsletter is going to be meant to be a fast breakdown of the biggest movers and biggest drivers in the market. Let’s get into it.

Chiefs vs. Ravens

In a prime-time, high stakes (for one team) Sunday night showdown, Lamar Jackson (+12%, $7.42/share) gets his first win against Patrick Mahomes (+2%, $17.48/share), and keeps the Ravens afloat after a weird Week 1 loss and a mountain of disheartening injuries. Outside of Lamar, the winning team’s big stock movements were headlined by Hollywood Brown (+24%, $2.75/share) and new signee Latavius Murray (+9%, $2.21/share). The rest of the cupboard was a bit bare, but nearly as much as it was on the Chiefs side of things – Demarcus Robinson (+32%, $1.08/share) was a pleasant surprise, but outside of an I’ll-Take-It game from Kelce (+5%, $13.53/share), both marquee contributors in Clyde Edwards-Helarie (-15%, $2.17/share) and Tyreek Hill (-15%, $14.41/share) were disappointments across the board.

Buccaneers vs. Falcons

This game was important for one reason, and one reason only: Tom Brady (+9%, $16.91/share) threw FIVE touchdowns, making that at least 4 per game for the 4th consecutive game. His MVP odds are skyrocketing, and he looks like he’s on a mission to go 17-0, break the TD record, and run the SB back for another win. That said, Brady’s touchdowns didn’t come unassisted. Gronk (+18%) went for ANOTHER 2 touchdowns, and is up 85% in JUST two weeks. On top of the on-field production, shareholders seem to see a lot of reason, rightly so, for sustained production from him. Mike Evans (+15%, $7.65/share) calmed fantasy managers and stockholders alike after a shaky Week 1 and notched up two of his own in a smackdown over ATL. Sure, sure – Cordarrelle Patterson (+85%, $1.01/share) made a few people rich, but this game was about the reigning champs.

Cowboys vs. Chargers

Will the NFC East be good this year? Will be just as bad and twice as funny as last year? Still too early to tell, but at least the Cowboys didn’t fall to 0-2 and have to deal with that going forward. They squeaked out a win on the back of Tony Pollard (+47%, $1.92/share), who’s quickly starting to look JUST as good as blue-chip Ezekiel Elliott (+3%, $6.57/share). CeeDee (+1%, $5.74/share) jumped one percent, but all the other receivers dropped, with Dak (-15%, $8.70/share) to one degree or another. The game overall proved fruitful for only RBs, as Mike Williams (+16%, $5.09/share) and Austin Ekeler (+5%, $3.46/share) were the only Chargers to produce positive ROIs. It was good news for Ekeler shareholders who may have been worried about lingering effects of the preseason injury, but great news for Williams shareholders, as he’s now up an impressive 44% over two weeks.

Titans vs. Seahawks

I actually couldn’t tell you what happened in this game. I don’t even remember who won. I couldn't take my eyes off of Derrick Henry (+47%, $27.76/share), who silenced EVERY single person who looked at a sample size of ONE WEEK and said he fell off a cliff. The biggest blue chip stock of them all rushed for 182 YDs and 3 TDs and helped his team mount a 9-24 comeback after the half… or so I’m told. He wasn’t the only one with a statement game – new superstar on the block, Julio Jones (+7%, $7.14/share) shook off the rust just as well. But even a heartbreaking loss like this one couldn’t weigh down Tyler Lockett (+22%, $7.04/share) shareholders, who locked in a 41% gain over two weeks, or Freddie Swain (+74%, $1.74/share) shareholders, who wouldn’t in their wildest dreams be able to say they saw that price hike coming!

Packers at Lions

So, Aaron Rodgers (+6%, $10.27/share) and the Packers are fine. Aaron threw 4 touchdowns, 3 to Aaron Jones (+31%, $9.83/share)… who then rushed for a 4th TD of his own. In any other week, this game wouldn’t be important, but fatalist fans were waiting to see whether or not the reigning MVP’s season would implode… and it didn’t. Maybe he did throw Week 1, maybe it was just rust. We’ll never know, and we might never need to. The other interesting bitt o come out of this game is that the Lions, even though they might not win a game, might be solid PredictionStrike investments. In two weeks Jared Goff (+5%, $2.88/share) has increased 28% and 5%, T.J. Hockenson (+13%, $2.18/share) +26% and +13%, Quintez Cyphus (+38%, $1.71/share) +43% and +38%, and Jamaal Williams (-9%, $3.49/share) +46% and -9%.

Other Notables:

  • Cooper Kupp (+30%, $6.92/share) could be a game-changer, league-winner, portfolio-bellwether. It seems like Stafford went to him every time the Rams needed to make something happen, and he delivered.
  • Was Henry Ruggs III (+41%, $1.97/share) rightfully the first receiver off the board in the 2020 draft? He’s making a case for it, at least. Carr (+12%, $9.23/share) looks great when he can throw the ball as far as he can and Ruggs is at the end of the rainbow waiting for it.
  • Was Daniel Jones (+24%, $1.20/share) good Thursday night, or is WFT’s defense just not as good as we thought? One or the other MUST be true…

That's all we got. Thanks for joining us and for reading all the way to the bottom. Hope you made some money this week and had fun doing it. And as usual... DOWNLOAD THE APP at the link below! Then, send this link to a friend, and you'll BOTH receive free shares when they deposit of $20 or more:

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