PredictionStrike Weekly Update: Week 4 Stocks and Stories

When you turn on NFL Redzone, do you want to see commercials? No? Just football? Heard. The biggest stock movements from the most important stories in Week 4. Let's get into it:

Buccaneers vs. Patriots

Tom Brady (-12%, $6.57/share) got his win against the Patriots… it just didn’t come as we expected. A 19-17 slugfest that came down a missed field goal wasn’t on any of our bingo boards. Ronald Jones (+10%, $0.36/share) and Leonard Fournette (+7%, $5.14/share) were the only real positive stock performances on the Bucs board, as Brady & Co. had trouble moving the ball down the field. On the other front, Hunter Henry (+13%, $0.87/share) and Jonnu Smith (+7%, $5.77/share) both had plus performances… as we predicted… but even that with a +15% from Kendrick Bourne, a +28% from Brandon Bolden, and a +4% from Mac Jones wasn’t enough to overcome the crappy Foxboro weather and a crucial, crucial -8% from kicker Nick Folk. The Bucs secondary came away maybe looking the crappiest of all, because what should have been a smack down was way too close to comfort when the guys in the backfield couldn’t shut a single thing down. New signee Richard Sherman played more minutes than most defensive players on the roster… and he wasn’t even on the team a week ago. The Bucs path back to the promised land might be a bit harder than we expected when they were steam rolling opponents just a couple weeks back.

Cardinals vs. Rams

The Cardinals rise to the top of the NFC West at 4-0, and the Rams start off their super short week with a drop down to 3-1. The Rams let early turnovers throw them off course, and outside of Cam Akers (+34%, $6.50/share), Van Jefferson (+43%, $1.57/share), and Darrell Henderson (+6%, $1.89/share), there wasn’t much for them to write home about. The Cards on the other hand… they’re riding high as the James Conner (+51%, $0.95/share) signing looks more and more intelligent, while him and Chase Edmonds (+9%, $1.96.share) proving to be the dynamic ground force Arizona was hoping for. Of course, the Maxx Williams (+52%, $1.50/share) emergence and the big game from AJ Green (+21%, $1.69/share) made things even easier for Kyler Murray (+1%, $7.59/share), who’s already up +21% on the season.

Seahawks vs. 49ers

Jimmy G (-12%, $2.35/share) missed the second half, and although Trey Lance (0%, $5.6/share) stepped in and threw for 157 YDs and 2 TDs, it just wasn’t enough, even with Deebo Samuel exploding for a +30% night, too. Russ (+4%, $16.18/share) threw 2 TDs, 1 to Metcalf (-1.5%, $6.07/share), who still hasn’t been able to live up to expectations, and 1 to Freddie Swain (+20%, $1.80/share), who’s developed quite a connection with his QB and is up +80% on the season so far. The battle for the NFC West continues on Thursday night, with both the Seahawks and the Rams having a short week leading up to the showdown for the 2nd and 3rd place in the division.

Chiefs vs. Eagles

As we’ve come to learn over these past few years, it’s damn near impossible to beat the Chiefs if Pat Mahomes (+10%, $19.21/share) is slinging 5 TDs and down the field, and if Tyreek Hill (+32%, $16.47/share) is catching 3 of ‘em. Of course that was only made even more clear when CEH (+12%, $2.57/share) made his believers faith finally pay off, logging back-to-back 100 YD rushing games, matching his total from last year. The Eagles did as much as they could against a still weak Chiefs defense, with Jalen Hurts logging a +9% performance, Dallas Goedert a +20% one, and Zach Ertz chipping in another +11%, but if the Chiefs are gonna put up 42 PTs… we can wait to trash the defense until another weekend.

Other Notables:

  • The JETS won a GAME and ZACH WILSON (+7%, $4.84/share) has seen positive stock movement! The Jets stacked the whole box against Derrick Henry (+6%, $29.44/share), still managed to rush for 157 YDs and a TD. I guess we’ll take it.
  • The GIANTS also got a win. What a day for NY football. Saquon (+23%, $8.44/share) was the star of the night after a relatively slow start to the year, but Daniel Jones (+18%, $1.35/share) and rookie Kadarius Toney (+33%, $4.80/share) showed up and showed out too, to lead the team from down 21-10 with 12min left to an OT win. Btw… don’t look now, but Danny Dimes is up +60% since the start of the season. Y’all said this was a make-or-break season, right?
  • Zeke (+7%, $8.39/share) stock continues to rise, having increased every 3 weeks since the sultry opener against Tampa Bay. He’s up 32% since then, and has told all of us haters who wrote him off after Week 1 to ZIP IT and get back on our coaches. BTW… it’s me. I’m “haters.”
  • After a rowdy night out on the town, Urban Meyer’s Jags lost yet another game… and led the way to a +6% night for Joe Burrow, a +10% night for Tyler Boyd… AND A +100% NIGHT for CJ UZOMAH!
  • Terry McLaurin exploded for a +20% performance in a win, and A.J. Dillon for +19% in a win. Some wins for the FF communities on twitter that love these two.

That's all we got. Thanks for joining us and for reading all the way to the bottom. Hope you made some money this week and had fun doing it. And as usual... DOWNLOAD THE APP at the link below! Then, send this link to a friend, and you'll BOTH receive free shares when they deposit of $20 or more:

Happy trading,

The PredictionStrike Team


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