Stocks and Stories from NFL Week 5

When you turn on NFL Redzone, do you want to see commercials? No? Just football? Heard. The biggest stock movements from the most important stories in Week 4. Let's get into it:

Colts vs. Ravens

The Ravens started off slow, and the Colts started off super hot – with a 76 YD Jonathan Taylor (+31%, $6.26/share) TD. The Colts kept the steam running to the tune of a 19 point lead… before Lamar Jackson (+25%, $8.42/share) cemented one of his best performances as an NFL QB. Jackson found Hollywood Brown (+35%, $3.68/share) all night, but their TD going into the 4th gave the Ravens life when they most needed it, and their TD at the start of OT gave them the win. He threw two TDs to Mark Andrews (+53%, $6.35/share) as well, and his passing had everyone who ever called him a running back crawling back into their caves. It’s a tough loss for Indianapolis, since Taylor wasn’t the only one who saw his stocks shoot up last night – Carson Wentz (+14%, $4.78/share), Parris Campbell (+20%, $0.81/share), and Michael Pittman Jr. (+15%, $2.37/share) all had great performances, and this one will sting for a while.

Buccaneers vs. Dolphins

Was this game important? Do we just want to talk about Tom Brady (+23%, $20.29/share)? Not necessarily, and yes. But only because our goal here is to inform shareholders what’s going on with 1) with their portfolios, and 2) around the league, so they can invest and strategize accordingly. And boyyy did Tom Brady do it big for the portfolio this weekend. On top of +23% from himself, he fueled a hike on Antonio Brown (+33%, $7.90/share) and Mike Evans (+22%, $9.74/share), with Leonard Fournette (+13%, $5.79/share) and Giovani Bernard (+29%, $1.17/share) notching big gains themselves. There wasn’t MUCH to write home about on the Miami side of the coin, but Myles Gaskin (+67%, $1.73/share) shareholders have a lot to look forward to if the QB play is going to be so weak, and the play-callers will have no choice but to run the ball. Jaylen Waddle (-15%, $4.40/share) was supposed to be a cash-cow this year, but for the reason Myles Gaskin is a buy, Waddle might have to be a sell.

Browns vs. Chargers

Similar to Bucs vs. Dolphins, this might not have been the most important game of the week, big picture wise. But this was the HIGHEST scoring game by a wide margin, ending 47-42, Chargers up, in a huge week for shareholders. Let’s put it clearly – Justin Herbert (+31%, $11.04/share) is a superstar. He threw for 398 YDs and locked in 4 TDs to lead his squad to a statement win, declaring that they can go out and win close games. Austin Ekeler (+19%, $4.92/share) tagged in for 3 TDs, and Mike Williams (+35%, $7.62/share) did what we’ve come to know Mike Williams to do… he lit a FIRE underneath his stock, up +115% now on the season. The Bolts will get the glory, but that shouldn’t take away from how amazing Cleveland’s offense was. Baker Mayfield’s (+13%, $6.81/share) team has been good, but he hasn’t taken all that much glory for himself this season. Still, he led the charge… no pun intended… with 2 passing TDs on 306 YDs. David Njoku (+100%, $4.15/share) caught 1 of them, but reeled in a total 149 YDs, and walked away with a whopping 100% return. Rashard Higgins (+23%, $1.09/share) caught another, but it was the RB duo in Kareem Hunt (+30%, $15.50/share) and Nick Chubb (+17%, $8.73/share) logging a combined 222 rushing YDs and 3 TDs. 

Giants vs. Cowboys

Before we congratule the Cowboys on the win, and their shareholders on the gains… we pour one out for the Giants’ season. With Daniel Jones (-15%, $1.12/share) suffering what looked like a serious concussion, and Saquon (-15%, $7.15/share) getting hit with another bad injury… its hard to imagine they claw their way out of the already competitive conference. The silver lining? Kadarius Toney (+44%, $6.90/share) came to LIFE, and before he got thrown out of the game for throwing a punch, he put up 189 Rec YDs. Without a TD, his stock still rose higher than a lot of doubters probably thought it would when half the league through the Giants reached too high when they drafted him #20 overall. But while he was really the only bright side for Big Blue, the Cowboys had a couple… namely in Tony Pollard (+11%, $1.87/share) and Ezekiel Elliot (+13%, $9.45/share), who are now up +53 and +27%, respectively, over the course of the season. The Cowboys run cannot be stopped, and when you compound that with a +6% from Dalton Schultz, now up 154% over the season, and another +5% from CeeDee Lamb… the Giants health might not have made too much of a difference. 

Bills vs. Chiefs

They did it – the Bills beat the Chiefs, and they did it in dramatic fashion. The Bills were up 23-14 at the half, and Kansas City never really made it close. Josh Allen (+17%, $7.84/share) connected with Dawson Knox (+28%, $1.64/share) 3 times for 117 YDs and a TD, and Emmanuel Sanders (+17%, $2.89/share) 3 times for 54 YDs and 2 TDs. Maybe most importantly though, the Bills forced the Chiefs into 4 turnovers. The pick six halfway through the third quarter is what put the game away, but Mahomes (-3%, $18.68/share) threw two INTs and fumbled the ball to account for 3 of the mishaps, discounting the 272 YDs and 2 TDs to the tune of a -3% night. The Bills defense torched the Chiefs offense, and outside of Mecole Hardman (+20%, $0.30/share), almost everyone felt the pressure… Kelce (-2%, $10.90/share), Hill (-7%, $15.39/share), CEH (-15%, $2.18/share). Josh Allen walks away from the game as the new favorite for MVP… so where does that leave Mahomes?

Other notables:

  • Since we all pronounced Green Bay dead and Aaron Rodgers (-.13%, $10.82/share) gone, the Packers have been rolling. They haven’t lost a game since, and their guys have been soaring: Davante Adams (+22%, $11.21/share), MVS (+16%, $0.98/share), and A.J. Dillon (+44%, $1.72/share).
  • The Marquez Callaway (+47%, $1.49/share) hype train continues. When you let Jameis (+21%, $6.91/share) loose, it’s gonna be fun. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But it seems like since Sean Payton is determined to minimize the risk that Jameis can introduce, while his gains might come infrequently, they’ll come strong when they do.
  • Is Davis Mills (+35%, $2.29/share) the best rookie QB taking the field these days? If I’m overreacting, don’t tell me.
  • You were right about Kyle Pitts (+26%, $5.15/share). I was right about Kyle Pitts. We were all right about Kyle Pitts!!!
  • It was finally Robert Woods’ (+25%, $6.61/share) turn. Sorry, Cooper Kupp (-4%, $6.75/share). -4% is chump change compared to the +43% you’ve yielded this season.
  • There’s no slowing down Ja’Marr Chase (+23%, $9.17/share). 

That's all we got. Thanks for joining us and for reading all the way to the bottom. Hope you made some money this week and had fun doing it. And as usual... DOWNLOAD THE APP at the link below! Then, send this link to a friend, and you'll BOTH receive free shares when they deposit of $20 or more:

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