PredictionStrike's Blue Chips and Penny Stocks: Week 9

Good morning, PredictionStrike family, and welcome to another glorious Friday! We have a jam-packed weekend of sports to invest in, and we are all so thrilled to get started!  Can you believe we are already halfway through the NFL season, that NBA basketball is in full swing, and that our first UFC action is literally hours away?! There has already been a ton of stock movement on some of the UFC fighters, so make sure to get them early and profit from the buying volume. On this week's installment of Blue Chips and Penny Stocks, we are going to focus on low priced stocks with incredible upside. These are the unicorn stocks that can give you 30-40% increases in one performance. We have seen it multiple times this year, and finding the right stocks at the right time can be damn near impossible. I break down three stocks below that I think have breakout potential for massive gains. Let's get started!

Jeremy McNichols, +28%, $1.26/share | RB, Tennessee Titans

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, which you all should (@ChipsStocks), you know I have diamond hands for Jeremy McNichols, and for good reason! Yes, his price skyrocketed this week, and let that be a lesson to all investors out there! When key players go down, the backup stock price often will go up! My investment is already up substantially, but I trust McNichols enough to hold his shares through Sunday Night. Yes, I know Adrian Peterson (0%, $3.38/share) is on the roster now, and I am not telling anyone they shouldn’t invest, but I personally think McNichols is the stock to hold. AP is clearly one of the best running backs in the history of the game, but he is also 87 years old, and will have been on the team for less than a week. Do you really think the coaching staff will hand him the keys right away? Why not give it to the young & established back in McNichols, who before AP was signed, was the only healthy running back in the room. Titans’ RB coach Tony Dews was quoted earlier this week saying he is excited for McNichols to “Step up for the team,” and so is my portfolio.

We all know Derrick Henry (-15%, $31.78/share) leaves massive shoes to fill. Like… league leading 219 carries, 937 yards, 10 touchdowns, 79% rushing usage, and a stock gain of +50% on the season size shoes. Neither AP nor McNichols will be able to fill them by themselves, and both will be pivotal in the game plan. I just choose to pick the younger, more well-rounded option. The one aspect of the game that sways me towards McNichols is pass catching. Pass catching has always been Peterson’s Achilles heel, you know, besides his actual Achilles heel…

When it comes to pass catching, McNichols is the guy. Jeremy is second on the team in both receptions and yards, mostly due to Julio Jones’ (+.03%, $5.10/share) inability to stay on the field, but the volume is there. We also have to remember the Titans are substantial underdogs to the LA Rams. The Titans coaching staff can’t make endless AP run up the middle play-calling. They will have to get creative playing catch up style football. McNichols will play a massive role in this category. If I had to make a bold prediction, I would say McNichols will beat his projection just in pass catching statistics, and everything on the ground will be gravy. That might be a tall order, but it’s worth the risk for a stock sitting at a mere $1.26/share.

Oh, last piece of advice. Buy this stock before the Sunday slate. In fact, do it as soon as possible, and hold until SNF kickoff. Here's the reason I say that. McNichols and the Titans play Sunday night. Athletes playing in primetime games are more aggressively purchased, and the stock price will rise even more before he even touches the field. Think about it on a micro level. Just picture Sunday afternoon. You purchase stocks for the early slot of games, and you win a couple bucks. How often are you selling those shares and rolling them into players in the night cap? If you have even considered doing it, you have proven my point. I cannot guarantee McNichols will beat his projection, but I can almost guarantee his stock price will go up due to volume before kickoff. Use that information however you choose.

Jordan Love, +33%, $1.36/share | QB, Green Bay Packers

If you missed the circus that was the Green Bay Packers this offseason, you are in luck! The summer antics were so popular, the Cheese Heads decided to do an encore tour mid-season! Look, all kidding aside, I am not here to spew morning show hot takes and do my best Skip Bayless impression. I am simply here to help guide you, the investor, into potential undervalued stocks based on the news around the league. If you want to hear someone scream about covid and vaccines, go somewhere else.

Saying that, Jordan Love is a must buy stock this week. This will be his first time starting for the Packers, which is beautifully poetic considering how similar it is to Aaron Rodgers’ (-.38%, $11.69/share) situation in 2007. Well, minus the global pandemic… Love was a first round draft pick for a reason. He is destined to take Rogers' place when the time comes, and this will be our first glimpse at what he has to offer. Love is a dual threat quarterback playing against potentially the worst defense in the league. And don’t forget, Davante Adams (-.01%, $9.78/share) will be back from the covid-19 list to add a weapon to the arsenal.

At the time of writing, Jordan Love is projected at a mere 13.6 fpts. This is laughable for a starting quarterback in the NFL. If you are hesitant to invest in this incredibly affordable stock, please look at Mike White’s (+33%, $1.33/share) first career start last week against the Bengals. Nobody has film on Love, so there is a chance he can have a Mike White type night, especially against the Chiefs. I am seriously looking forward to that game.

Bobby “The King” Green, $1.00/share| Lightweight Division

UFC 268 is LIVE tomorrow night at MSG, and everyone here at PredictionStrike is beyond excited! If you have been living under a rock for the last week, you might have missed it. UFC athletes are now available on the platform, and are the perfect way to balance your portfolio. Nothing is more exciting then a heavily contested UFC bout, and it will get even more exciting when you have shares of the warriors competing in the octagon. I am still getting my feet wet in the massive pool of UFC fighters, but I think I found a fight we can profit off.

Since this is a full on Penny Stock article, let's dive into a prelims fight, featuring two veteran lightweight fighters, Bobby Green ($1.00/share) vs. Al Iaquinta ($1.00/share). Neither fighters are currently ranked, but both have spent plenty of time in the rankings throughout their careers, and even better, both fighters are listed on PredictionStrike! Both fighters are currently sitting at $1.00/share, which is perfect. I want to invest in some fighters for the inaugural card, but am nervous to invest heavily. I can take comfort investing in a couple $1.00 assets, and build my confidence (and hopefully my portfolio) before UFC 269.

Ok, so why am I focusing on Bobby Green? Yes, he is cheap, and yes he is fighting in the early prelim slate, and I will be awake to watch him fight live, but that's just a happy coincidence. I am investing in Bobby, because I think I see a slight edge. When the two men walk into the octagon, one will be met with triumphant applause, while one will most likely have boos rained down on him. Bobby will be the recipient of the boos, because he is squaring up against NYC native, “Raging” Al Iaquinta. The entire arena will be pulling for Iaquinta, but we are investing in the heel. Here is why:

When Al Iaquinta steps into the octagon on Saturday night, it will be his first time doing so in over two years. In that same span, Bobby Green has eight fights under his belt. Green went a mediocre 4-4 in those eight fights, but it was results that I am focusing on. All eight fights went the 15-minute distance and were decided by decision. Why does that matter? Conditioning. For the past two years, Bobby Green has been preparing and enduring fights that go the distance. When the bell rings tomorrow night for the crucial third and final round, I am confident Bobby Green will be ready to fight, whereas I am not so sure about Raging Al. While Bobby has been fighting and training over the past two years, Al Iaquinta has been buying and selling houses as a licensed real estate agent. Now, this is no knock on Iaquinta, if anything it is a glimpse into the pay discrepancy in the UFC ranks, but that's another conversation for another article. Anyway, we have one fighter doing his best HGTV impression, and one who has been training for this moment daily. I might be in the minority, but I’m investing in “The King.” I expect the fight to go the distance, and Bobby boy to win unanimously.

That is it for me today guys. I know it was a long one, but hopefully it provided you with a ton of insight that will keep our portfolios in the green. If you liked the UFC discussion, or want to hear more about the upcoming card, I suggest you check out this week's episode of The Daily Dividends Podcast. This week the boys interviewed PredictionStrike’s very own Nico Christie to discuss all things UFC on PS, and some of his favorite stocks to invest in before the bouts tomorrow. As always, remember to follow on Twitter @ChipsStocks for last minute buy alerts on NFL and NBA. I promise I will have a Blue Chips article up soon with some NBA action, but with everything happening with UFC and NFL news, this was not that week.

Until next time, happy trading!

Alex True


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