How Stocks Fared in Week 3 | Plus, Become a PS Black Member!

Another wild week of action is now in the books. It's been a wild week and a handful of games certainly didn't go as planned as I'm sure many followers are out of their survivor pools.

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And now, on to today's slate.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

This game was an incredible ride. Josh Allen ($30.34, 5%) unleashed himself upon the Miami Dolphins. It was an incredible game for Allen, especially when you consider the fact that Stefon Diggs ($9.05, 24%) was being rotated in and out of the lineup due to extreme heat exhaustion.

Not only was Stefon Diggs struggling to stay on the field but the entire team was struggling to stay on the field. As a matter of fact, at one point the Bills were down to their final offensive lineman with no reserves on the bench. It was a disaster for the Bills offensively, and Josh Allen almost willed them to victory.

Another interesting note from the game was that it looks like James Cook ($3.23) is starting to get into a rhythm and could be a sneaky value as we head into October. Yes, the highlight might be the Zack Moss ($1.82, -3%) run but don't kid yourself they drafted Cook in the second round and sooner or later he will take over this job.

Looking at Miami, they deserve all the credit in the world for pulling this game out. Tua Tagovailoa ($4.43, -7%) played a decent game and managed the game perfectly. Interesting to see Chase Edmonds ($1.37, 2%) get 2 scores on only 6 carries and 21 yards.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

If you're like my brother then this was the trendy survivor pick of the week. In no way would we see Patrick Mahomes ($17.32, -7%) lose to a winless Indianapolis Matt Ryan ($3.81, -1%) led team. Unfortunately, yours truly warned him this was the trap game of the week with Tampa Bay on the docket next week.

Intuition would tell you that if the Colts won this game it's because Jonathan Taylor ($9.68, -9%) carried the rock and that they won the game by controlling the clock. However, Taylor was incredibly average, at best, in this contest rushing over 21 times for a measly 74 yards. Taylor has been a far cry from what he was just a season ago.

It's somewhat worrisome for Taylor owners as he is not looking as efficient as he had been just a season ago. While it doesn't look like Nyheim Hines ($2.49, -2%) is going to take over this role, not even the slightest threat of that, it's frustrating that he is eating into his carries. If Taylor continues on his current pace, look for Hines to steal more touches limiting Taylor's upside.

Instead, we saw Matt Ryan play mistake-free football while throwing 2 touchdowns in this game. Ryan and the Colts were able to capitalize on the turnover by Skyy Moore ($4.14) early. While the Chiefs were able to answer back with a Travis Kelce ($9.05) touchdown of their own, it became a defensive game more so than offensive.

At the end of the day, a late penalty from the Chiefs allowed Matt Ryan an additional chance to knock off the AFC West favorites to get their first win this week.

San Francisco 49'ers @ Denver Broncos

It feels obligatory to always mention Sunday Night Football for me, as it's the game of the week in my eyes. Whoever scheduled this game bought into the Trey Lance ($4.11) hype along with the Russell Wilson ($8.48, -13%) hype way too early. Their biggest mistake was not doing the Bills-Dolphins game in this slot, or another divisional game as it's too early to flex this out.

One of the most interesting things that came out of this game for me was the lack of usage for Javonte Williams ($4.73, -10%). Williams has been a fantasy darling dating back to last season in the dynasty community. The lack of usage, and ceding snaps to Mike Boone ($3.06) is concerning, to say the least.

To be fair, it seems like all Broncos players to date have been bad investments. Perhaps the best we can hope for is a rebound. However, I'm rather skeptical of any Bronco turnaround as it involved Nathaniel Hackett to grow into this role. It seems obvious, 3 weeks into the season, that this role is too big for him. With Sean Payton looming this off-season, and the talent of Denver it seems like a perfect match. The lone bright spot on the night was Courtland Sutton ($2.38, 3%) leading the team in targets and yards.

As for San Francisco, there isn't much else to say other than what did I just watch. In what would ultimately describe the night for San Francisco, Jimmy Garoppolo ($1.53, -10%) summoned his inner Dan Orlovsky on Sunday night while standing in the back of the end zone, and taking it a step further than Dan tossed what would be a pick six to Denver.

As we head into week 4, the one saving grace is Jeff Wilson ($1.59, -2%) looked like he can still be effective for San Francisco. Despite all the chaos, Wilson was able to average 6.1 yards per carry toting the rock 12 times for 75 yards. Going forward he might be the safest investment if Garoppolo continues his poor play, which directly affects Deebo Samuel ($4.08, -5%), Brandon Aiyuk ($4.22, 4%), and George Kittle ($3.49, -10%).

Other notes:

  • Justin Fields ($3.16, -17%) continues to look horrific for Chicago. Something to monitor if things continue this way is the Bears summoning their inner Denver Broncos. Lamar Jackson ($7.75, 17%) continues to be at offs with Baltimore and his contract situation. Rumors suggest he refuses to play on the franchise tag and wants a deal similar to Deshaun Watson ($14.52). Considering ownership traded for Jay Cutler in the past, and their lack of success in drafting Mitch Trubisky ($1.05, 3%) and Fields himself this is something to monitor closely.
  • Zach Wilson ($4.03) reportedly is gearing up to possibly play this week. We have yet to see any of these young quarterbacks from 2021 take the big leap into stardom. In a draft pegged as loaded at the position, I refuse to believe that none of them are generational. Considering Wilson hasn't played this season, odds are he could be it (admittedly he was my highest rated quarterback in this class).
  • It's interesting to see the market trending towards investing in wide receivers as opposed to running backs. The position has struggled this season, and it is something savvy investors should consider. If the trend continues, perhaps we can capitalize on lower projections as the season moves on.  


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